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A Canadian bodybuilding icon and the IFBB himself, Mike Van Wyck has always been on the lookout for gym etiquette and many other issues surrounding the sport of bodybuilding. In an effort to make the gym a solid place for fitness fanatics, Wyck is back again with a valuable plan to share his fandom. This time, Wyck called out the fitness fanatics who are adding a pile of footage of him stuffed into his movies showing the real scenario behind those drills.

Two months ago, the curtain on the fitness pusher was pulled back from the very image of what it’s like to work out in the gym. However, he also shared his fictional perspective on why adding cinematic and dramatic tumultuous builds is irrelevant when it comes to workout videos.

Mike Van Wyck’s cinematic improvements in training videos. ignores


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On February 18, Wyck took to his Instagram handle to share his thoughts on adding unnecessary amendments to the campaign. In the video, the Canadian said, “There’s a certain couple of people who are like really f**king putting it in thick in the fitness industry right now with their hyper motivational f**king hyper intense training footage“. Expressing a rebuke, he added, “But as one, you are not an athlete. You know what I mean, your income doesn’t depend on how well you work or how big you are. You just do it for yourself“.

Stop acting f**king like worldly exercise is the most f**king intense part of your day. It’s like we’re all doing the same thing here…but if I put music behind it and I do this cable sequence and I put some f**king cinematic on it, and it’s like ‘Oh’ I follow. from here to the engine. In the hand, the light in the eyes, the sweat on the forehead‘” Wyck agreed.

Interestingly, he also drew parallels between the usual workout itself and that packed with modifications and cinematography. He first added dramatic music built in confusion and then suggested a picture of his stage training on the stage. Captioning the post, Wyck wrote, “Gorified mediocrity“. Similarly, on social media the author and fitness icon, Joey Mulus, who is also considered the CEO of the positivity of the gym, once called out the fitness fanatics and gym goers who recorded their training sessions without taking into account the privacy of the members of the gym partners.


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Joey Mound once expressed disagreement with the popular trend of posting workout videos

Now recording workout sessions and posting them online has become a trend. However, while many agents remain oblivious to the fact that sharing videos online can violate the privacy of others. Then, Mound, “This sword movement in the gym is acting as if the world revolves around you and that everyone else has to stop what they are doing, because for the sake of filming the video, they have to stop“.


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he added, “if you can’t drive responsibly if you can’t respect other people, filming is completely irrelevant because it’s only in the gym in the first place. We need to do better. Do your business“. Building icons like Mike Van Wyck and Joey Mound hold a more nuanced perspective on maintaining a positive gym culture. Clearly, addressing these gyms has become the need of the hour right now. What is your mental work on gym positivity? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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