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Considered the CEO of the positivity gym, Joey Mound has always been upfront with violations of gym etiquette and other issues related to body building. When the gym tries to make it a better place, it is once again reduced to the restricted reading of a fitness fanatic. At this time, Riot called out fitness junkies who preferred to work hard at the gym rather than maintaining an organic gym culture.

A recent social media pioneer. nutritionist, and former D1 runner, Angelena Minniti, saw a participant working out with dumbbells in the gym. In the video, Minniti calls out to the man who inadvertently walked past his camera taking his station, “people who will not fear you in memory Gotta goAfter this, Mound took to his social media to criticize Minniti’s behavior and criticize the culture of the movie that has become prevalent today.

Joey Mound overlooks the former D1 runner’s recent gym memory session


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On March 28, Mound shared a message of positivity from the gym and criticized Minniti in a recent video. Meeting the influencer stated, “The only disrespectful person in this video is you. From your heart to the look you give that person to the song you want for this video, really“.

While Minniti for the video, it swells further granted “This sword movement in the gym is acting as if the world revolves around you and that everyone else has to stop what they are doing, because for the sake of filming the video, they have to stop“. He then called out the former D1 runner for his behavior in the gym by adding, “I’m sorry but you are not the owner of this gym. You don’t own it. And the same gym membership fees you do“.

Mound called for the need for everyone to get to know the other members of the gym better. “If you can’t drive responsibly if you can’t respect other people, you’re not at all alone in the gym filming in the first place. We need to do better. Do your business“, the bodybuilder added. However, it is not the first time that Tumulus disagreed with his frequent violations of the rules of the workout and other plans of the gym.

Hill expressed disagreement with the popular trend of posting workout videos on social media

Recording training videos and posting them on Instagram handles has become a trend. However, this sometimes creates the privacy of someone else who works in close proximity to the videographer. Also, two days ago, a man threatened his gym class because he didn’t want to be involved in the video. The whole thing took hold of his swollen mind, and expressed his utmost indifference.


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The body builder said, “This is getting ridiculous. I assume that if you have money for a gym membership, if you have money for a smartphone, you should have one of these (pointing to the bathroom mirrors). The bathroom is called home, coming equipped with a mirror where you can take as many selfies as you can see and bend as much as you want with no one around. The reason is that it says all the walls in the room in the gym, ‘no filming,’ no memory.‘”. Later he mentioned such illegal activities and named, “Actually, if you were to make a movie in someone’s room, it’s illegal. The fact that you’re threatening a guy because he doesn’t want to be in your video tells me you don’t belong at the gym. We need to do better. Do your business“.

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Joey Riot takes a rather ambitious perspective on the violation of gym authenticity and workout culture. While he continues to mock people for his unacceptable behavior, what do you think of his gym spree of positivity? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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