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[This story contains major spoilers from the second episode of Yellowjackets season two, “Edible Complex.”]

yellowjackets however, he unleashed the most horrific events – and the series of events that ended the “Edible Complex” once again asks: How supernatural is this series?

The loneliness set in the show’s 1996 timeline became arguably the character in Showtime’s hit survival series. Last season, when the Yellowjackets’ football team fell flat, they climbed to what would eventually be a 19-month-old wilderness for several teenage survivors. Lottie (Courtney Eaton) emerged as a spiritual leader who communicates with the earth, Taissa (Jasmin Sabaudia Brown) had visions while sleeping, and the whole group got caught in mushrooms (while also high in mushrooms) last season’s “Doomcoming.”

And maybe they’re possessed again in “Edible Complex,” when their plan is to kill Jackie (played by Ella Purnell). And perhaps Lottie’s spirit appearing in the sex scene between Travis (Kevin Alves) and Nat (Sophie Thatcher) inspired the festival.

While Natalie and Travis have sex, Travis pretends to be Lottie. Then snow falls on Jackie’s body while it is in the process of being cremated, which essentially cooks her to be eaten by the hungry survivors. And eating Jackie can provide just enough sustenance to keep the team alive through the winter.

It happened, or the heavy hand of fate?

If you ask Jonathan Lisco, the co-producer who wrote the second episode of season two, it depends on the viewer.

“We hope that the audience will not necessarily interpret, or not interpret absolutely, as a love triangle. Not like, Travis is sleeping with Natalie but thinking about Lottie. This is not the case at all, Lisco said Hollywood actor when he deliberated on the event that had closed the day before, March 31, “It is really a battle between faith and pragmatism.”

Specifically, the battle over Faith centers around the fate of Travis’ younger brother, Javi (Luciano Leroux), who went missing after Doomcoming and has yet to return. Lottie joined Travis on a spiritual level, telling him to have faith that his brother was alive, while Nat tried her hardest to get Travis to accept the hard fact that Javi couldn’t survive his two months.

“Natalie loves Travis, so she doesn’t want this belief to become toxic and make it even more painful for her to believe that Javi is still alive,” Lisco says of what motivated Natalie to find and assume the bloody clothing for Travis. that Javi is dead. “This is a really beautiful relationship” [Natalie and Travis] has But something in Travis still responds to faith, and Lottie means it.

Courtney Eaton as Lottie in the season two episode “Edible complex.”

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If you ask the three actors on stage, they relate to their filming experiences. “I have such a different vision” [of that scene]. Because in this show, you shoot something one way, and then you watch it cut, and you’re like, ‘Okay,’ that’s completely different,” Eaton says. THR. “I don’t think Lottie is the only reason Jackie has been cooked. But I believe that she pushed that intention, and sometimes on purpose. I feel like it’s a collective group that we ended up at that point. I don’t think Lottie has mastered this power—yet!”

In support of Lisco’s vision, the co-worker and Alves both agree to serve as Lottie’s destined beams. “I feel like Lottie kind of serves as a mother figure. I don’t think there is anything romantic about that. That’s what I remember Ben saying,” she tells Cooper (who admits she didn’t watch her sex scene). THR episode director Ben Samanoff.

Alves says that when he read the letter, he asked Travis’ feelings for Lottie. “How does Lottie see? Is it so that she replaces Natalia, or does she supplement Natalia?” he tells THR. “We had a lot of questions, and when I talked with Ben about how we wanted to shoot, we began to focus on the fact that all those lamps that we see have a very maternal nature, the way Lottie Travis treats them in those visions. And we began to go through the same confusion to understand that I was like that I read: What do I see in this other person that they touch me? As we see in the episode one when he helps him and he has to cover himself, there is a lot of confusion”.

Courtney Eaton as Lottie and Kevin Alves as Travis in Yellowjackets season 2

Eton as Lottie and Kevin Alves as Travis are a fitting duo.

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Natalie-Travis’ spiritual Lottie sex scene then leads into a party for Jackie’s party — which she played both in reality and in a bacchanal hallucination — Alves says that the series of events seemed to take place in a high state of mind: “He had. they have that supernatural feel where you feel like you’re in everyone’s mind and this is overshadowed, and we’re not fully present as humans anymore. She was so beautiful and terrifying at the same time.’

As viewers have seen in this story twenty years after the present day, Travis never recovers from what happened in the desert. Travis allegedly took his own life and left a message for Natalie that he was right around the darkness when everyone was disappointed. “I think you’re stuck in that part of your life where you feel like you’re becoming more of a person and more of a full humanity, and it’s a very wrong time for him to become more of a full humanity,” says Alves. . “I believe that as a person grows up on a plane crash, so much of their identity is tied to what happened here. I don’t know if he ever leaves behind in many ways.

Another reason seems to be that greater knowledge of the presence of the supernatural is explained by science and what happens in the brain when someone fasts.

“You’re getting madder. They’re starting to get hungry. That has profound neurological effects,” said co-worker Ashley Lyle. THR. “However, from the beginning we have always spoken about faith and faith and religion. We are too interested in the untold. Humans are constantly trying to find order and meaning in the unfolding. And especially when bad things happen to you. So I think a lot of the reason why this time is more and more felt is that our girls and our boys find themselves in increasingly dire circumstances, and they want to find a way to control it, and they can’t. So they want to find meaning.

She continued, “And I think whether everything happens for a reason or is completely random is one of the greatest questions that humanity has asked of the universe around us. And this is the question that could be asked about that scene. Do they become a cause? Is there some divine purpose or supernatural purpose? Or is there a confluence of things so lined up that they result in certain consequences?

yellowjackets It airs new episodes weekly on Fridays for Showtime subscribers and airs on cable Sundays at 9 p.m. THR‘s yellowjackets at the time of the two coverage and interviews.

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