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Coveted exclusive releases will be available at record stores across the country on Black Friday.

As part of the annual Record Store Day Black Friday, Wuxtry Records, located in downtown Athens, will have more than 100 special offerings including: The 13th Elevator’s reissue of “Bull of the Woods,” Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS: the secret tracks,” 7-inch box set of De La Soul’s “Three Feet and Rising” and Billie Strings’ “California Sober featuring Willie Nelson.”

“The fun part about Record Store Day is that you’re getting a limited edition exclusive,” Nathaniel Mitchell, manager at Wuxtry Records said. “Once they’re gone, they’re gone.”

Across the globe, independent brick-and-mortar record stores, such as Wuxtry, gain access to a catalogue of about 170 artists releasing music on Record Store Day Black Friday. The stores then pare down the list to what they anticipate will do well with local clientele. Wuxtry Records will have about 130 titles for fans to choose from. However, the store will not know quantities of each release until the day of.

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