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Have you ever wondered: Would the neural connections in my prefrontal cortex have survived the entire 20th century? Would Freud have diagnosed me as a hysteric? Is that the woman I see in the movie?

These questions are more common than you think, and you can learn the answers today. Based on my own opinion alone, I have made an assessment of your mental stability. You earn one point for all the statements you identify. If you finish the game with four or more points, I’m led to believe that you were lobotomized in the 1940s. Good bye!

This one goes without saying. Roughly 60 percent of lobotomies in America were performed on women. Give yourself a decent point if you are a woman with a mild mental illness. Give yourself another good point if you’ve dumped a person in the past eight weeks.

There is no way to put this kindly, let me just say: this is not a machine that lasts this long. It is a mistake. A gullible people would have been lobotomized in our bird’s time. Get over your fear of rejection and be disabled and move on, let go, or face the possibility of brain surgery.

As someone who competed in Public Forum Debate for four years, this shit changes your brain chemistry. Imagine a room of 100 boys wearing suits, all of whom have spent the last five weeks reporting on the events of the Yemeni Civil War and the economic crisis in Venezuela, and who all think they are going to be Supreme Court Justices. No one arises from that stable mind. One good point to add is if you practiced your speech by speaking to the wall. And one thing if it means anything propagation.

The Goldfinch for it hurts the Pulitzer Prize. This book is about 800 pages long, and it’s usually about half as much stuff. The crowd ends up in Amsterdam, and somehow Tartt manages to get the crowd to throw boring stuff at the end. Also, Donna Tartt likes to make straight male protagonists kiss other straight men and never speak again. If you read this book and like it, you are really sick in the head. Forget the lobotomy; it must be closed.

So you heard Will Schuster say, “You’re all inferior. You’re in the Glee Club, and you’re going on a show. I am afraid not. There is no way you emerged from this series unscathed. But if you had a crush on Jonathan Groff or Darren Criss, you know, I’ll give it to you.

I am convinced that the pre-middle is a lot like the protestant woman in Charlotte Brontë’s novel, you can convince yourself that your pain is somewhat noble. Often, you have an superiority complex because you believe you know something better than your peers. When you stop to question why you left your earthly desires behind (a social life, a healthy lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle, any extracurricular activities), it sends you into a spiral of crisis. I recommend it to all of you.

If you’re not afraid to stand on the Wayland Arch and sing Lizzy McAlpine’s song, you’re not afraid of God. Yes, you are talented, but how much? I’m trying to get to Ratty. People who disrupt the social order in such brazen ways would have been lobotomized in the 40s.


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You should now have more clarity in your state of mental stability. Remember: there is nothing wrong with a little history of women, and from time to time it is harmless in any way. Unleash and reveal that you are living in the present and not the 1940’s.

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