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Over the past few years, AI-based fitness apps have become an accessible and effective alternative to traditional training methods.

Their efficiency has been scientifically proven to study The American Geriatrics Society showed a 28% increase in physical activity for users who used these apps compared to those who did not.

At the same time; 72% fitness experts I believe AI workout solutions are significantly more effective than traditional training methods.

From building customized, interactive workout plans, to giving personalized nutrition advice, offering VR workout sessions to doing high-end laps, artificial intelligence is an awesome partner in your unique fitness journey.

Let’s explore the benefits of modern AI-based fitness apps – toand what crypto gives them an added boost.

Opportunity meets AI * more personalization and interactivity

Content and interactivity are two of the key benefits that artificial intelligence has brought to relevance.

For one, it helps to create data-driven optimized training plans that are tailored to users’ unique physical characteristics, health status, fitness levels and training goals.

Second, the interactivity of the apps also got a boost.

By capturing data on heart rate, current workout intensity and other states through smart wearables, AI-powered solutions can do better than just track progress, but instead use this data to adjust workouts in real-time.

This gives them the advantage of using static apps and software and deploying them safely beginning and seasoned athletes the same get the most out of their program.

Even more interactivity, AI voice and text assistants help and provide personal motivation by giving verbal feedback and sharing quantitative insights, such as the number of calories burned or counting steps.

They can act as virtual coaches, guiding you through your workouts and helping you maintain proper form or providing comfort when you need to push out.

adds care smart wearables and AI-powered home gyms

This is by no means a complete list of things that artificial intelligence should offer space.

The list of AI-Learning lines is growing by the day, thanks to the development of new tools and smart devices that perfectly match the technology.

First, the quality of personal software generated by AI should rise as the market for next-generation wearables hits.

According to business and tech futurist Bernard Marr, new ideas can be analyzed in a tedious way a wide range of informationincluding blood sugar levels, UV exposure, breathing rates and muscle contractions, and wider exposure devices such as uneven skin, rings, earphones and smart clothing.

Developments of smart home gym devices have also been trending since the lockdown.

In 2023 these thoughts”from digital weight machines and bike sensors, to smart mirrors and yoga mats, even more compact, equipped with advanced motion sensors, built in cameras and touch screen displays for better control, interactivity and immersion.

Hold the case through Micro Rewards

Often, keeping track of progress is not enough, and an additional motivational boost is needed.

According to the number studiessmall monetary rewards have been shown to be effective as an incentive as a healthy lifestyle eg, exercise more different age groups.

Hence, reward-based educational programs can approach this problem, offering outstanding rewards for accomplishing smaller yet greater milestones.

Modern AI-based solutions take this model further, leveraging transparent, crypto and NFT fair payment models.

Those who make certain targets in their daily fitness routine are rewarded with pennies or points which can later be exchanged for gym memberships, accessories, NFTs and more, adding more incentive for users to train and cut costs.

AI win the fitness market

The global fitness app market is growing. Second Rely on researchIt was valued at $1.21 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $5.41 billion by 2030.

AI is far from being the first trend to embrace it The question is, is it bound to pass or will we see the industry reformed further with smart solutions?

I believe that with the ability to create customized, interactive data-driven workouts, valuable insights, data-driven recommendations and rewards for completing small milestones, the participation of AI-powered fitness apps is bound to increase as well.

The question of data privacy has yet to be resolved. While some users may be hesitant to share personal information, the low quality and quantity of information available may limit the accuracy of personalized recommendations.

However, as AI solutions gain popularity and trust, this will encourage users to use more health data.

As more businesses embrace the technology and new, affordable smart devices appear on the market, these solutions will become more flexible and less error-prone, helping us reach our fitness goals and live healthier, happier lives.

Ferhat Kacmaz is the CEO of “fitburn”, a business angel, investor and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in building profitable businesses. I was found from the burning-to-earn foundation model to bridge fitness and web 3.0.

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