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Wiggins resident, Rebecca Victor, was at Wiggins Elementary School Thursday night.

“We have a very special guest, a visiting author, who is not only a Wiggins resident, but a student who graduated from Wiggins,” said Carol Francone, Assistant Principal at Wiggins Elementary. “We are happy to welcome her back and share her first book with the kiddo.”

Nearly 100 parents and students handled the pizza and read the story, Ellie Keeps a Dusty Crop Firm.

One of Victor’s books is based on his three daughters, Ellie, who loves all kinds of transportation. The story is about the beloved pumpkin farmer Elie who is in trouble. Graius the farmer could sell the farm where Ellie and all her pals live. Will she and her winter friends be able to protect the crop and save the village?

The story also features Roman, who is Victor’s dog, and Miss Frizzle, a chick from Victor’s childhood. His mother is also illustrated in the pumpkin patch in the book.

“I want to thank the Pope family at the Pope Pumpkin Patch for their help with the pumpkin farming experience in this book and the Mook family for helping with crop dusting information. I enjoy reading and spreading the love of literature,” Victor said. “I wrote three books, and Ellie was the first to be published. The second book will be published in the first week and the third at the end of May.

Both upcoming books are based on two other daughters;

  • Teisa Airtanker finds her soul – Tessa is different from the other air tankers on the base. Join Tessa as she navigates the challenges of overcoming fear and embracing the differences.
  • Mya Learns To Count Her Blessings – Life changes and Mya finds herself in a place she never thought she would be. Can he overcome his problems and find happiness again?

Monica Talmich, Before and After School Program Coordinator and Preschool Coordinator said, “The 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant supported the Wiggins school district over time and helped establish and expand programs for K-12 students. 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs are designed to support students and families in four key areas areas: increased academic achievement, increased services that support and complement academic programs, provide families with opportunities for active and meaningful involvement in their children’s education. Family involvement is one of our main focuses and we have had success in helping families with children at family night events. We are very excited to Rebecca’s partner as our special guest for our Author visit and family book signing night.”

Talmich’s husband, Brian, is a teacher at Wiggins and enjoys these events because it brings families together.

“The fact that we provide an event for Wiggins residents to come together promotes camaraderie. This program celebrates not only the kids, but also the entire community. This book puts the emphasis on reading not only inside schools, but also outside.”

“I think it’s cool that I’m a student of the Wiggins School District and now I’m grateful to be the author of my event tonight,” Victor said. “My upcoming Meet the Author event at Books On Main in Fort Morgan on Saturday, April 22nd at 10 am.”

Winner books are available for purchase at various businesses throughout the county. You can also visit her website www.rebeccavictorbooks.com. There are free printable activity sheets and an author version ready to read for listening.

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