Who remembers Showbiz Pizza in Waterbury? They have –

I recently saw an interesting TikTok video about the Showbiz Pizza Chain.

The video tells the story of an animatronic character named Uncle Klunk. According to the video, Uncle Klunk was the most unlikely of all the robot characters at Showbiz Pizza. The video suggests that Uncle Klunk may be tied to the boy leaving.

@rodstudios Did you hear about the Uncle Klunk incident? #uncleklunk #fnaf #Chuck and cheese #showbizpizza #creepypasta Enjoy, calm, scary atmosphere piano songs – skittlegirl Sound

That sounds like a story Grade-A – BSto me but the memory was shaken. I saw Uncle Klunk somewhere in the line, in my childhood. Which would make sense, I was born in 1979, and according to what I read, Uncle Klunk was working at Showbiz Pizza locations when I was a kid.

When I searched further, I found a mention waterbury had at Showbiz pizza or * Pizza Time Theater. So, I’m going to confirm with my pal Large Dave. Dave is my morning show partner on the Ethan, Lou & Big Dave Show and was born and raised in Waterbury, CT.

Dave told me that he remembered it from Showbiz Pizza, but it was definitely Chuck E. Cheese. According to what I’ve read, most Showtime Pizza locations are purchased from Chuck E. Cheese.


Unlce Klunk could never be a “thing” today, not because he was a demon doll who kidnapped little boys and forced their families to move. It cannot be that his face was frightful, for he was bald, and his nose was like a cob. Back in the day, our parents didn’t care if we were scared or if there were high spirits everywhere. It was a terrible penis loaded with the shafts of hell.

Second ShowBizPizza.comWaterbury had Showbiz, but it is unclear if Uncle Klunk had a doll. There are many varieties cabinet pictures fed to no one to see Klunk.

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More on the “Uncle Klunk incident” below.

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