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Another calendar year is wrapping up, and while looking ahead, the marketing firms AF&Co and Carbonate recently released the annual Hospitality Trends Report for the upcoming year. 

While imagining what the new year has in store, the report predicts various unique flavors and recent consumer trends.

As a precursor of what Americans will be eating more of next year, predictions include cultural fusion cooking, savory pies, layers of fluffy meringue, dishes made with the root vegetable celeriac with no shortage of Korean, and culinary-inspired cocktails, including an ingredient that might seem bizarre. 

Without further ado, here are the predicted food trends for 2024. 

Korean cuisine is making its mark on the trending food scene for the upcoming 2024 calendar year. 

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Monosodium Glutamate in cocktails is a new trend, the report said. While making a flavorful umami bomb, the trend is becoming a popular addition with bartenders to enhance the flavors of cocktails. 

For Asian lovers, Korean culture, especially food, is a major hot trend for 2024, according to the report. Americans can expect to see Korean fried chicken fast food restaurants, Korean barbecue, and high-end steak restaurants popping up nationwide. 

“In the U.S., the sales of the rice cakes used in a popular Korean street food dish called tteokbokki increased 450% in 2023,” the report said. 

While enjoying the savory flavors of the Middle East, borek pies are predicted to be on more menus, according to the report. Similar to a spanakopita, the common fillings in a borek include ground meats, cheese, spinach or potatoes in a thin flaky pastry that is either baked or fired. 

Think of Italian bologna as the next trend, with Mortebella making its mainstream mark on pizzas and sandwiches with pistachio cream.

For vegetable lovers, foodies might see the root vegetable celeriac in more dishes. From the celery family, the “balance of sweet and earthy is predicted to tantalize more taste buds in the year ahead.”

Algae is among the top 10 most mentioned trends in food conversations online, the report said. While it promotes healthy benefits, algae are predicted to hit the shelves in oils and added in more foods and beverages. 

Not to forget dessert, the meringue game is taking center stage next year. Sweet lovers might see more and more layers of fluffy white cakes with an array of toppings and twists in flavors while dining out in the upcoming calendar year.  

Consumer report prediction for trending foods for the upcoming 2024 calendar year. 

Consumer report prediction for trending foods for the upcoming 2024 calendar year. 

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