UM School of Journalism and New Media student wins Gracie Award for documentary

Emma Harrington

A University of Mississippi School of Journalism and New Media student has been named one of the winners of the 48th annual Gracie Awards.

Emma Harrington was one of the television student winners for her documentary “Wyatt Waters: Beneath the Surface”.

Student Media Director Larz Roberts said he was surprised but not shocked to hear about Harrington’s win.

“Emma is sharp and runs her motor,” he said. “Her work is second to none. Spend 10 minutes in the room talking with her and anyone can see how Emma representing Ole Miss on the national stage for that honor just makes sense. I’m glad Grace recognizes the quality of students we have in Emma Harrington through her credentials.”

Read Harrington’s description of the letter below:

“Mississippi is not a big place or a famous place. Yet somehow, some truly amazing people rise up here. William Faulkner and Eudora Welty set their stories here. Bo Diddley, Robert Johnson and Elvis Presley laid down their first guitar strings here while Medgar Evers and Myrlie Evers made the world they worked to change. Ethel Wright Mohamed and Walter Anderson captured the small world around them on a stage that now resides in the Smithsonian. In this famous haunt, Wyatt Waters stands humble, an acclaimed public painter… and much more.

“With little more than a cup of water and the pressure of pigment, he perceives the sensation of being permanently frozen… a moment of time on a sheet of paper Arcubus expertly explained. Paper colored not only with pigment, but with words and music. The first is a painter. Perpetual, daily, in heat or cold or rain, everywhere and everywhere the kind of painters. His ability to see…to see allows us to become part of His work. Perhaps another reason for his picture takes us. We will take you under the painter’s surface. I hope you enjoy learning more about this wonderful art.”

Harrington said he hopes to see others see Mississippi in his work.

“We’ve written a lot about Mississippi over the years, not all of it positive,” he said. However, Mississippi has produced some of the most talented and inspiring people in history. Wyatt Waters is one of them.’

Presented by the Women’s Alliance in Media Foundation. The awards recognize outstanding programming and exceptional achievement by women, for women and about women in all media for news and entertainment.

Local and student award-winners will be recognized at the Gracie Awards Luncheon on June 20 at Cipriano’s in NYC, according to the handicap award.

This year’s theme is “Storytelling.” The awards were announced and the actress Gracie Allen said.

Harrington said he hopes people will be inspired to follow their dreams after watching the documentary.

“Wyatt didn’t come from a great background, but he did something out of his guts and a dream,” he said. “He worked hard and never gave up, even when it would have been an easier lot to give up.

“If you think the world wants to give you away, I hope this document can convince you otherwise. I never thought that a girl like me from a small town in Mississippi could win such a prestigious award as Gracie, and yet here I am. Find your people and follow your dreams.”

you can Watch Harrington’s documentary here.

Click here to read the entire list of Gracie winners.

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