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long running Web3 Game startup Ultra is set to launch its Ultra Games Ultra marketplace this month, and it comes with a rare twist: the ability for users to resell the digital games they’ve bought via a secondary market.

Set to launch on April 25, Ultra Games is built on top of the startup’s own Layer 1 Ultra network, a fork of the EOS blockchain that has been in development. since 2018. Since then Beyond the game ecosystem It gradually expanded with products such as Ultra Wallet, the waiting platform Ultra Arena, and the Uniq Marketplace for NFTs.

The new phone number will launch digital gambling games with about 60 or 70 titles, the company announced. A minute, including online video games such as Cards of Eternity, Cross Ages, and MARS4. But it also features traditional “Web2” games without NFT or data elements, including Falling Lords, The Walking Dead: Telltale’s Definitive Series, and the Syberia game series.

And interestingly, Ultra Games will allow players to resell games purchased through Uniq Marketplace thanks to the signed licensing rights. Although game publishers can opt out of this program, said Ultra Co-CEO Nicolas Gilot A minute to believe that hunting enthusiasts are the reason necessary to create a secondary game auction.

“Game publishers have the ability to leverage” [the secondary marketplace]”Gilot said, explaining to the studio that there is no initial resale period (such as three months after the launch), to determine the minimum resale price point, and the royalty percentage that it receives automatically.

“You can really cut down the entire life of your games,” he added.

Robot Cache, a blockchain startup co-founded by veteran game developer Brian Fargo, has and experienced with the resale model of digital games through its IRON brand. The Robot Cache forum It lists some of the same games that Ultra Games will offer.

Ultra Games gives publishers the freedom to experiment with this new model, but there is one notable limitation: the publisher’s royalty fee cannot exceed 70% of the resale price.

“If the game is not so much [for selling a game]what would he care? A minute. “It’s a question about each developer. For example, if Rockstar’s [Games] for Red Dead Redemption 3, then they’re not making the same percentage as an indie developer making a game for half the price.”

Gilot said game developers and publishers have more freedom to experiment with their content models compared to traditional digital game stores—like Steam, which prohibits Web3 games. For game information, proof of ownership information could be used by publishers or partners as discounts, unique in-game items, and more.

Ultra Games will be accessible to non-Web3 natives, users can sign up with a phone number and email address. Crypto Elements (as I wrote the address) are hidden under a friendly Web2 interface, but the information is freely accessible to users. Ultra Games also does not charge users network gas fees for transactions.

In addition, Gilot said that Ultra games are designed to support NFT initiatives from publishers and devices. They may release digital collectibles called “Uniqs” that can be purchased in a similar way to licensed game tickets.

“You can do some cool business models around it. Better yet, when people bounce back against it, they can embrace it and benefit from it at the same time,” Gilot said. “You guarantee a better end for hunting and earning from it – and you’re not just leaving money on the table for hackers or whatnot.”

Digital collections and items have already been established in popular Web2 games such as Counter-Strike: Global Gravity (CS:GO), which has seen individual sales. for over $100,000 each. However, such items are typically limited to a particular game or platform, while NFT user items open up the possibility of cross-game interoperability.

“Technology-wise; [a cross-game collectible] which is absolutely possible. That works really well if you’re the same game developer in multiple games,” Gilot said A minutebut he admitted that it was “going to be very tricky” for compatibility among many game developers to navigate cross-games.

Ultra Games will put these features and capabilities into the world this month, but the true measure of success will be whether game developers embrace them—and if players have interest.

Gilot believes that Beyond the game industry partners– which includes gaming giant Ubisoft, crypto-focused Atari, and Web3’s metaverse game The Sandbox – will attract more unique monetization options to the segment.

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