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Ian Suchan attended sosummer c*rew * c*at Western Rowing Club some years ago trying to row for the first time in the eighth grade. I have has leaving the game that.

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“This is how a lot of local kids are involved in rowing.” he says suchnow the governor of the club management & community engagement. they tried c*rew * c*amp for the summer or week and get hooked. “

Western Rowing Club’s c*rew * c*amp is back this year with half day and full day Program options for families during the summer. Middle and high school students ages 11″16 attend not only to they can make learning a fun game for life, but they also practice teamwork which is very important and leaders while haveEng some fun with traditional camp activities too.

Thanks to funding from The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. At the foundation, middle school-aged participants whose families qualify can attend the camp for free. To check eligibility for financial helpvisit aid.

“There are very few games that work so hard in sync,” Suchan said. he says. “This experience” provides “ mixed leadership and listening skills, as well as lessons in his office child age. when you the work is brought down to the arms together, and then through the 60-foot shell down the river; it’s an incredible experience. “

Kirk Lang, president of the West Side Rowing Club, adds that rowing camp is the perfect opportunity for children to spend the summer outdoors. getting exercise and making new friends.

“Our summer crew camp is the best for youth without rowing experience and is specifically designed as an introduction to the sport,” Lang says. Individuals with prior boating experience are welcome to join the seasoned campers., as they benefit from additional time spent in the water and build skills to improve overall skill.

A typical camp week will begin with some “boot” time, introducing the kids to in the game and learned terminology. Each practice includes basic training and stretching the ground. Then, the campers move to the refrigerator rowing machines to take proper motion. For major of * a week, the kids get an experience in the water, next to the Niagara River and Black Rock Channel.

With Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Across the street from Centennial Park, coaches also sometimes lead soccer, quad games or basketball hoops near the boathouse for all-day camp sessions.

“No athletic experience is necessary, but a willingness to take on new physical challenges and a willingness to learn new things helps,” Lang says. “Our hope at the end of each session is that the crew will gain the confidence and skills necessary to scrimmageGE, or * mini regattawith campers

despicable participating in sosummer c*rew * A.Cmp, many kids choose to register for the West Side Rowing Club’s year-round program, and some move on to the high school program.

West’s staff and coaches d*to demonstrate the camp has a high retention rate themselvesAs many are c*rew * c*amp alumnor. However, the camp experienced benefits everyone participates, whether they want to stick with the game or not. visit learn more

“The goal is to teach tangible lessons and values ​​to such youth no matter what time they leave with us,” said Suchan.

Crew Camp (Half day – two week session)
Monday through Friday, 8:30-11:30 am
11-16 centuries
Week 1: June 19-30
Week 2: July 10twenty one
Week 3: July 24thAug. 4

Crew Camp (F*all day one weekly session)
mtoday through friday 8:30 am-3:30 am
11-1 centuries6
Week 1: June 26-30
Week 2: Thuly* 10-14
Week 3, Thuly* 17-21
Week 4: Wedly* 24-28

Sculling Camp (90 minuse – two week session)
mtoday through friday 8:30-10 AM
Age 14+
Week 1: June 19-30
Week 2: July 10– July 21
Week 3: 24-Aug. 4
Week 4: Aug. 14-25

Junior Programming
centuries U17/U19/U23
June 19-Aug. 13 (noor programming July 3-4)

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