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In the case, a historic Manhattan grand jury’s decision to indict Donald Trump, the former president, and some prominent Republicans. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former Secretary of State Mike PompeoLiberals called on billionaire George Soros to attack Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. trumpet requested in Bragg’s statement “hand picked and spent by George Soros”.

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Soros, a longtime supporter of Democratic campaigns, has been a frequent supporter of various liberal causes and prosecutors who favor the justice system. the target of an anti-Semitic conspiracy The theory pictures Jewish philanthropists as puppetmasters behind various US and international events. Soros has not made any direct contributions to Bragg’s 2021 election campaign, and Soros spokesman Michael Vachon told CNN last week that the two men have never communicated in any way.

Indeed, Soros’ connection with Bragg is indirect: he was a major donor to the liberal political movement that supported Bragg’s candidacy. A spokesperson for the PAC denounced the Soros-related attacks on Bragg in an interview with CNN last week, calling them “anti-Semitic,” “anti-Black” and an excess of the role of both Soros in the PAC’s deliberations and the PAC’s writing. role in Bragg’s election victory.

Bragg is a graduate of Harvard Law School, a former federal prosecutor and chief deputy attorney general of the state of New York. I have I won a competitive Republic first to Manhattan district attorney in 2011, against opponents who waste a million more timeand then held the republic in general elections.

Bragg’s successful campaign was supported by federal political action with Color of Change, a non-profit advocacy group co-founded in 2005 by Van Jones, who later became a CNN commentator, that promotes criminal justice among other national justice reform causes. Color Change PAC, which backed progressive district attorney candidates around the country, a little over $500,000 was spent on President Bragg, Color of Change president, and PAC spokesman Rashad Robinson told CNN last week.

The Color of Change PAC has received significant funding from Soros, who for years has been an advocate for criminal justice and the development of district attorney candidates. Soros was the PAC’s biggest donor in the 2021-2022 period, PolitiFact has announced.

Soros spokesman Vachon told CNN last week: “Between 2016 and 2022, George Soros personally and the Democracy PAC (a PAC to which Mr. Soros has contributed funds) together contributed approximately $4 million to Color Change PAC, including $1 million May 2021 None of these funds were ordered for Alvin Bragg’s campaign.George Soros and Alvin Bragg never met in person or spoke via phone, email, Zoom, etc. There was no contact between the two.

In addition to these donations to the PAC, CNBC announced another Soros organization, the Open Society Policy Center, the main non-profit Color Change $7 million in 2021. Open Society spokesman Thomas Watson told CNN in an address next week that the funding is a five-year grant and part of the publicly announced. $220 million investment in racial justice efforts in Black-led organizations; Watson said the donation was “in support of (Color Change’s) social good, and not earmarked for any specific work. The donation agreement stipulated, among other restrictions, that no OSPC funding could be used for partisan or political activities.

According to PolitiFact to be attended toJonathan Soros’ son Jonathan Soros and Jonathan’s wife Jennifer Allan Soros each made $1,000 in donations to the Democratic campaign in April 2021. They made smaller donations last year, totaling $450.

Robinson said the attack suggests Bragg is a Soros puppet, because of George Soros’ donations to Color Change PAC, not only “anti-Semitic” but also “anti-Black.”

He said the attack was premised on the belief that “Black people are so incapable of having their own ideas about how to fight for justice” that the Black-led PAC would not be able to succeed with its policies.

Robinson disproved the idea that the PAC was solely responsible for Bragg’s victory; “It’s the biggest thing,” he said, but it’s one of many factors.

“Until last week, we couldn’t write people about our PAC…now suddenly we’ve created every single Manhattan DA. but when he was elected, I did not believe him,” he said.

Robinson also said that contrary to the idea of ​​Soros funneling money to the Color of Change PAC in an effort to attack Trump, Soros is involved in criminal justice reform efforts. for a decade“Before the color change existed.” The sisters have significant years contributions in favor of progressive district attorney candidates around the country.

Robinson said “it just feels so touching,” at this unprecedented historic moment in the former president’s tenure, “that right now it’s not helpful to become part of the Black story.”

trumpet requested Last week, Soros spent more than $1 million on Bragg’s campaign, but that figure is inaccurate.

Change the color of the PAC to announce In May 2021, Soros made a $1 million donation to the PAC, which was more than $1 million in independent campaign spending in favor of Bragg’s petition. But the PAC stayed pro-Bragg after hearing an uncorroborated allegation against Bragg that could not be investigated in time because of legal restrictions on PACs communicating with candidates, Robinson said. He ended up spending about half of what he planned, Robinson said, and Soros kept the rest of the donation for other uses.

“The sisters didn’t give us the money to give Alvin Bragg. Soros made a donation to Color Change,” said Robinson.

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