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Sixty percent of Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s former accusation, according to to A new CNN Poll from SSRS After the news, a New York grand jury decided to indict him with hush money payments made to adult actress Stormy Daniels. Americans say about three-quarters of politicians played at least some role in Trump’s decision to resign, including 52% who said he played a major role.

Independents are broadly aligned in support of the impeachment – ​​62% approve and 38% disapprove. Democrats are almost universal in their opposition (94% approve, including 71% who strongly approve of impeachment), while Republicans are less united in opposition (79% disapprove, 54% strongly disapprove).

While opinions on the impeachment are divided along party lines, polling finds that majorities across the major demographics all approve of the decision to impeach the former president. That includes gender (62% women, 58% men), racial and ethnic groups (82% black adults, 71% Hispanic adults, 51% white adults), generational lines (69% under age 35, 62% age 35-49, 53% age 50-64, 54% 65 or older) and educational level (68% with college degrees, 56% with some college or less).

Roncus said the former president had more than 30 charges related to business fraud, but the indictment remains sealed and the charges not publicly known at the time of the investigation. An investigation into a $130,000 payment made by then-personal Trump attorney Michael Cohen to Daniels in late October 2016, days before the 2016 presidential election, to silence her from going public about an alleged affair with Trump a decade ago. Trump denied the matter. It is in the investigation of Daniel’s payment and the composition of the Trump Organization Cohen.

A slight 10% overall view of Trump as unimpeachable was Daniel’s payments, but Americans were divided over whether his actions were illegal or merely malicious. About 4 in 10 say they did it illegally (37%), 33% illegally but not illegally, and another 20% say they’re not sure. Only 8% of independent voters say Trump has done nothing wrong, and among the rest, they are generally on board with the impeachment even if they are no longer convinced Trump has done anything illegal.

Even among those who disapprove of impeachment, the perception that Trump’s actions are questionable is fairly widespread, with nearly half in that group saying Trump did something wrong with Daniels’ payments (52%). Much more in that group say that they have acted unethically than illegally, though (49% unethical, 3% illegal), with the remainder split between thinking they did nothing wrong (23%) and not sure (24%). Among those who denounced Trump’s policy, just 1% say his actions are not wrong at all, while 59% call them illegal and 23% outrageous.

The survey suggests that the impeachment did not have a major effect on Trump’s personal opinion. The poll found his favorable rating of 34% favorable to 58% unfair, similar to his standing in the polls in January Rhode, in which 32% had a favorable opinion of the former president and 63% unfavorable. Among Republicans, 72% have a favorable view of the new president, similar to the 68% who felt that way in January.

Most Americans (76%) believe that politics played at least some role in the decision to impeach Trump, who is both a former president and the current candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. About half (52%) see it as playing a “major role” in the decision, while about a quarter play a smaller role and 14% say it plays no role at all. Another 10% are unsure if the state was in a grand jury vote.

Almost all Republicans, 93%, see the impeachment as politically motivated, including 83% who say politics plays a major role. Among independents, 52% say politics played a major role; that drops to 25% among Democrats.

Americans are torn by the effect that the impeachment may have on democracy. About three in 10 say the decision strengthens US democracy (31%) and the same proportion say it weakens democracy (31%). Roughly a quarter say it has no effect on democracy (23%) and 15% are unsure. Republicans are more likely to see democracy being undermined (62% say so). Two-thirds of those who disapprove of impeachment say the same (67%) and 54% of those who believe politics played a major role in the decision to impeach. Most Democrats see it as strengthening democracy (55%). Among those who approve of impeachment, 48% say it strengthens democracy and 30% that it has no effect on it.

This poll also found that Americans in an investigation conducted by the Republic on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s handling of Trump’s case, with 38% saying they approve of the GOP’s efforts to identify him, 35% saying they approve and 27 less. % Uncertain how they feel about the research.

More than 9 in 10 Americans have heard at least a little about the historic impeachment, with 51% saying they have heard a lot. Democrats are the most likely to tune in, with 56% saying they’ve heard a lot about the crimes, compared with 48% each among independents and Republicans.

This CNN poll was conducted by SSRS on March 31 and April 1 among a random national sample of 1,048 adults surveyed via text message, using probability-based methods. The results for the full sample have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.0 percentage points. It is important for teams.

CORRECTION: This story has been updated to reflect the correct percentage of independents who approve of the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

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