Trump asks a judge to oversee New York because he ‘hates’ him. His lawyer says that’s not true. That’s the Washington Post


President Donald Trump’s former attorney Joe Tacopina said on Sunday that he doesn’t believe the judge who oversaw Trump’s announcement is available, contradicting Trump’s days of insults in which the judge “hates me.”

On Friday, he presided requested about his Social Truth narrative that John Merchan – The New York Supreme Court justice who oversees criminal – had handled the Trump company “VICE” in the case of tax fraud, which was involved in January and had “railroaded” a former executive for the Trump Organization. Allen Weisselberg, to state the case.

But Tacopina, speaking to George Stephanopoulos on ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday, shrugged off the criticism. “Do I think it’s a Jewish newspaper? Of course not,” said Tacopina.

When asked why he should tell the client on the contrary, Tacopina said, “You’re meeting me, George, right?”. and he added: I am his advocate, but I am myself. I’m not his PR person. I am not a spokesperson. He wrote down his opinion and, as it was, quite frankly, I do not criticize what he feels.

Trump is expected to appear before Merchan for arraignment on Tuesday. His indictment remains sealed, which means the specific charge is not known. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg investigated a payment made before the 2016 presidential election to Stormy Daniels, an adult-film actress, to keep her from publicly discussing the meeting she said she had with Trump years earlier.

Tacopina told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday when Trump makes his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon, “We’re going to say very loudly and proudly, ‘Not guilty.'” The Washington Post reported on Friday that the former president plans to fly to Berlin on Monday ahead of his surrender on Tuesday. And Trump announced the 2024 campaign will speak on Tuesday night from Mar-a-Lago, his Florida home, shortly after 8 pm Eastern.

Republicans continued their trumpeted attack on the legal system Sunday, calling the announcement a new attack on a political leader who can lead. legal or even physical revenge The rhetoric also escalated as one former district attorney warned on Sunday that Trump’s public statements and the media could lead to more serious charges than what he is currently facing.

“I would be mindful of not committing another criminal offense, such as obstruction of public administration,” Cyrus R. Vance, a former district attorney in Manhattan, told NBC News’ “Meet the Press.” “And I think that maybe we think it might not be the strongest, when you add a count like that, put it in front of a jury, it can change the judge’s mind about the severity of the case that you’re looking at.”

Tacopina, speaking on Twitter, said there was no evidence that Trump’s business records were falsified, and former attorney Michael Cohen called Trump “a convicted pathological liar.” Vance, who initiated the review of this case when he was still a district attorney, appeared to defend Cohen’s faith: “Often in criminal cases we find that the witnesses who are involved are not necessarily, you know, priests or. Nunes, he says, on the day “I meet the Press.”

“They are who they are and whatever organization they have,” Vance said.

Shocked and defiant: How Trump responds to an unprecedented crime

James M. Trusty, a lawyer representing Trump in a federal case over the handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago and in a Georgia case over that state’s alleged interference in vote counting, said Trump in Manhattan was “political persecution.”

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Faith said the “commonality” among Trump’s cases is that prosecutors are “pushing the envelope legally that they’ve decided to attack the person” rather than “actually following the evidence.” He also warned the faithful that once “you let the genie out of the bottle in a new way of accusing, it will not come back by itself.” It will be a problem for generations.

Donald Trump’s key research status

As Republican lawyers appeared on Sunday at debate shows to defend Trump from what he described as a “politically motivated” crime in Manhattan, the former attorney general offered Trump some advice if Trump were to take the case to trial: Don’t let the infamously embattled former president testify. in his defense.

William P. Barr, who abruptly resigned from the Justice Department one month before Trump left office after publicly refusing to say there was fraud in the 2020 election, told “Fox News Sunday” that Trump’s test stand was “a particularly bad idea for Trump, because he lacks all self-control, It is a very difficult way to prepare it and to testify wisely.

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