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Your introduction or introduction is a great way to immediately set the mood for visiting guests. Start with a festive style chair inspired by cushions or a console table and add a central position or against the wall in your entryway that can hold a metal tray loaded with times. Adding a diffuser or burner for an aromatic ambiance and floor lamps or candles to lead the way. This is not a permanent addition to the home, so it can be as subtle or elaborate as you like. Wood tones are increasing in popularity in 2023, and my advice is to pick three colourways and one metallic – you will use them and work from the entry hall throughout the house to feel cohesive.

Since the pandemic, the popularity of recreating the magical majlis or Ramadan at home has seen an increase, and this trend has continued. This year, with Ramadan falling at a time when we can still enjoy the outdoors, we have seen clients explore both indoor and outdoor designs, creating Arabic-style lounge and dining areas for family and friends to socialize. There is no need to splurge on this and there are many options available depending on your budget. You can use a simple tepee in the house or garden as a canopy, or if the fund allows the installation of a canopy, a real heritage majlis. When I consider design, it’s all about creating social divisions of space using low-level arrangements, such as an ottoman or poufs combined with pillows on the bed.

Before you start picking out the style and color palette you have to decide whether it’s more of a Bedouin style, the minimalist finish in contrasting textures and fabrics – incorporating Arabic geometric patterned throws, rugs and pillows. Or incorporating Moroccan themes with tiles, ogee and railings, incorporating indulgent drapes, colors and patterns. A Khaleeji creation, with subtle Turkish influences including Islamic-inspired architectural accessories from the Levantine period, using materials such as silk and brocade. Or the look that comes through the strong 2023 — working with a more rustic organic and modern feel Majilis reflects the city and the wilderness of the shaft of Dubai, using earthy colors, natural textiles and light tones, with an abundance of flower gold or copper equal; but by storm the trees and plants.

More global interior brands are creating special Ramadan collections that ring in the local market and even if customers are not all looking forward to the month adding a few simple decorative items can be a gentle reminder of Ramadan here. Whether this is the season of wall design such as Arabic calligraphy inspired by bronze style accessories, reflective light objects or even Islamic printed textiles and lamps all great to ensure a memorable enjoyment of the space oozing warmth and capturing the spirit of the month. Decorative pillows and throws are a must to elevate a room, anchor the space, and add warmth by choosing rugs in beautiful colors and unique patterns.

The biggest trend we’ve seen this year probably stemming from social media is a real attempt to step into the creative shoulder table. Ifta’s customers take their dining to the next level by designing that dinner table with spectacular views. Incorporating gold or metallic intricate Arabic or lunar pattern accents through hardware, map rings and table sets, to jute placements, table runners, mini lamps and dry or fresh florals. A thoughtful arrangement can turn your everyday table into a holiday celebration. To complete this look, atmospheric lighting is key — from battery-operated medium and long lamps to candlesticks and tea lights, lighting accessories add a cost-effective decorative touch to set the mood during the holy month.

-The writer is Creative Director, Cedar Global Interiors

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