Top 10 Finalist Nurses Announced for Aster Guardians Global Healthcare Award 2013 Worth US $250,000

  • Selected from over 52,000 overseas nurses from 202 countries, from these 10 finalists, one nurse will win the grand prize of $250,000 in London on 12th* May 2023 – International Nurses Day.

  • The 10 finalists will undergo a public voting process starting next week, followed by a final evaluation by the Grand Jury.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, on 04, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE) — The Aster Guardians Global Nutrition Awards – a grant instituted to recognize the inspiring work done by nurses around the world – has announced its top 10 finalists from around the world. Are: Cathy Cribben-Pearse from UAE, Christine Mawia Sammy from Kenya, Gloria Ceballo from Panama, Jincy Jerry from Ireland, Lilian Yew Siew Mee from Singapore, Margaret Helena Shepherd from England, Michael Joseph Dino from the Philippines, Shanti Teresa Lakra from India, Teresa Fraga from Portugal and Wilson Fungameza Gwessa Tanzania.

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Top 10 Finalist Nurses for the Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award 2023. (Photo: AETOSWire)

These nurses are selected from over 52,000 nurses who have been nominated for the award in more than 202 countries, through a strict review process run independently by Ernst & Young LLP, Screening-Rights and Grand Jury. To find out more about the last 10 finalists, please see: https://www.asterguardians.com/

Speaking about this matter, Dr., “Thousands of nurses around the world work hard every day to serve their patients and form the core of the healthcare eco-system. The Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award is a way to recognize their dedication and hard work. This year, with more than 50,000 nurses competing for the inaugural award, It was the work of the distinguished jury members to shortlist the top 10 outstanding nurses, each of the finalists having a distinguished trajectory and contributing much to the field of nursing. The best of all.”

He also added“With more than 8,000 nurses working across Aster DM Care facilities across 7 countries, we have witnessed the commitment and effort put in by nurses so closely. This is the least we can do to shine a spotlight on the work of nurses globally.”

While one winner will be awarded a grand prize of USD 250,000, the other nine finalists will also be recognized. The final round of public voting for each nurse will consist of 6 startersth* April and in-person interview with members of the Grand Jury consisting of: Mr. Howard Catton – Chief Executive, International Council of Nurses, Switzerland; Prof. Sheila Tlou – Co-Chairperson, Global HIV Prevention Coalition and Form – Minister of Health & Member of Parliament – Govt. of Botswana; James Buchan – Associate Professor, WHO Collaborating Center for Nursing; Dr J Carolyn Gomes, Vice-Chair Strategy Committee – The Global Fund Board and Board Member of The developing Country NGO Delegation to the GF Board; Dr Peter Carter, OBE visionary, independent health consultant and former CEO of the Royal College of Nursing; and Dr. Niti Pall – Senior Digital Advisor for AXA (EC), Board Chair Harbr and Managing Director of Health4all Care.

The final winner of the gala event would be announced at the Queen Elizabeth II Center in London, UK on May 12, 2023 – International Nurses Day.

About Aster DM Healthcare

Aster DM Healthcare Limited is one of the largest private healthcare service providers operating in the GCC and India. With an inherent emphasis on clinical excellence, we are one of the few entities in the world with a strong presence across primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary health care through our 30 hospitals, 125 clinics, 496* pharmacies, 20 labs and 157 patient experience centers in seven countries, including India We reach all economic segments in the GCC states through our various healthcare services through the brands “Aster”, “Medcare” and “Access”.

* Including 239 Pharmacies in India operated by Alfaone Retail Pharmacies Private Limited under brand license from Aster.

* Source: AGES Wire

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