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The room is pitch dark, there is a needle of silence aromatic incense I created the perfect atmosphere to hit the bed and sink into a deep sleep. But for some reason, despite this perfect setting, sleep continues to elude many. That’s because planning too much can also lead to anxiety-inducing sleep effects, experts say. “At this point everyone thinks, ‘I’m doing so much… I have to sleep now. What if not? When anxiety comes into the image of sleep, sleep becomes less and less, and the running begins – the more effort to sleep, the less likely it is. sleepingexplained Dr Sachin Baliga, Consultant, Psychiatry, Fort Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru.

What should you do in such a situation? The opposite! “Paradoxical intention is a psychological technique that involves doing the opposite of what one usually does to achieve a specific effect. Finally, what you avoid, you train to do, so that you break anxiety and the fear of running So, to reduce anxiety to sleep performance,” explained the expert.

Agreed, Dr. Ravindra Shrivastava, Director- Neuroscience, First Super Specialty Hospital added that this technique is often used to treat anxiety disorders or is used. phobias. “Paradoxical attention is typically when an individual is intentionally engaged in a feared behavior, or thinking about the behavior, while at the same time reframing their thoughts about it in a positive or humorous way. This can help reduce the anxiety or tension associated with the behavior,” he said.

But how do you practice this? He is trying to stay awake on purpose! Through this technique, a person can unexpectedly become more relaxed and finally fall asleep easier and reduce the anxiety and tension that can contribute. watches. “It can be present during sleep in long-term insomniacs by removing the pressure to “do” (that is, to sleep). Once the pressure is gone, you are more calm, relaxed, and more likely to fall asleep naturally,” said Dr. Baliga.

Solving it for us, the experts explained that all you need to do is deliberately stay awake for a short period of time the next time you sleep. “ask him, “what sleeping sound makes you fall asleep?” The answer is ‘nothing’. When you go to bed next time, do as you usually do, but don’t let your eyes deceive you. The intention is not to force you to stay awake. In this way, you don’t engage in activities like using mobile phones or watching OTT. Just continue to lie in bed and let your mind remind you of what we just discussed: ‘I feel sleepy, but I’ll stay awake for a few minutes’.

Through this technique, individuals can become unexpectedly more relaxed and eventually fall asleep more easily (Source: Getty Images/Thinstock)

Adding, Dr Pallavi Joshi, Consultant Psychiatrist, Manipal Hospital, Varthur, Bangalore said that in this technique, expert doctors decide that the patient wants to stay awake for as long as possible. “So the idea is to use the story around paradox, as the patient now desires what he previously feared, and the passage of time does. anxiety let him go down against the enemy rather than fleeing,” he said.

But like all skills, you must follow certain dos and don’ts.


* Use paradoxical attention under the guidance of a trained therapist
* Put on a positive or humorous attitude
* Start with a short practice
* Be patient with the process
* Experience the art together with other goods sleep health care t *echniques


* Don’t use paradox without professional guidance
* Do not use for serious or life threatening conditions
* Don’t worry too much about the process
* Do not use in severely depressed patients or patients with blood pressure or cardiac instability or uncontrolled diabetes

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