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SAVANNAH Guthrie has given a glimpse into her time away from work.

The Today host shared a new post to Instagram on Monday updating fans on her whereabouts.

Today star Savannah Guthrie shared her location after being absent from her hosting duties on the showCredit: Getty
The star revealed that she was at the first night of tennis at the US Open with her husband and two childrenCredit: Instagram/Savannah Guthrie

In the post, Savannah, 51, revealed she had attended the US Open with her family.

The group took a pic by the huge tennis court, enjoying incredible front-row seating.

The daytime TV star smiled happily as she wrapped her arms around her husband Michael Feldman, 54, while their two kids – Vale, nine, and Charles, six – grinned next to them.

Savannah kept her look casual in a thin black sweater and jeans, with her hair down and minimal makeup.


In her caption, she wrote: “Beautiful first night at US Open! Thank you team,” before tagging some of her pals.

In the comment section, however, some of her social media followers questioned the star on her plans after her recent absence from the show.

One person wrote: “I’m so glad you’re having fun, but when are you coming back to work?”

A more forgiving fan said: “Glad to see you and your beautiful family. I’ve missed seeing you each morning, but you look refreshed.”

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“Are you ever coming back to work? You and Kotb have sweet deals to have so many days off,” a third person snarked.

A fourth said: “Savannah, Enjoy your time away with your family. Know that it hasn’t been all that long but really miss seeing you, hoping you’ll be back soon on the TODAY show.”

“How much vacation time do you have? I want a job like that,” joked a fifth commenter.


In June, Today announced that Savannah pulled “the greatest straw on earth” when she was picked to head to Paris to kick off the morning show‘s countdown to the Summer Games.

On Today’s Twitter account, they shared: “Savannah is heading to Paris to kick-off our countdown to the #Paris2024 Summer Olympics!”

In the clip, co-host Hoda Kotb, 59, admitted: “We’re kind of jealous, Craig and I.”

Savannah replied: “To quote the Pointer Sisters, ‘I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it.'”

She then teased: “Guys, I will investigate different rosés,” prompting a perturbed Craig Melvin, 44, to state: “Of course.”

Savannah continued: “We’re going to check out the French Open with John McEnroe.”

Craig, teeming with jealousy, yelled: “Oh my God!”

Savannah gave her co-host a self-satisfied grin and replied: “Guys, it’s going to be lit!”

Craig jokingly questioned: “Are you coming back?” to which Hoda theorized: “She’ll be like, ‘I’ll stay here.'”


After a previous break from the show, Savannah opened up about her frantic home life.

When Hoda asked about her colleague’s weekend plans, Savannah responded: “Oh my gosh, long weekend. Just survive.”

The earnest remark prompted Hoda to burst out laughing.

Savannah quipped that she would try to stop her children from “killing each other.”

At the time, she attempted to cut herself some flack by giving up Instagram for Lent, but soon broke her social media fast.

In the comment section, some fans claimed that Savannah looked ‘refreshed’ after her break, while others asked if she’d ‘ever come back’ from her vacationCredit: Instagram/Savannah Guthrie
Savannah’s co-hosts also theorized that the star wouldn’t return to work after she was picked to report from Paris in June and admitted she’d ‘investigate’ wine while thereCredit: NBC
Savannah previously opened up about her family life with two young children when away from the showCredit: Instagram/savannahguthrie

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