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We’re in Kansas now, Toto, show us your genitals

According to the Kansas State High School Activities Association, about 106,000 students participate in sports and activities organization. Guess how many of those students are transgender girls? tribe. Yes, like three.

Three transgender girls enjoying sports seems to be an emergency for Kansas Republicans. In recent years, they have tried to pass a bill that would have prevented transgender girls and women from participating in sports at public schools and women’s colleges. Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed the bill but, on Wednesday, the Republican-dominated Kansas legislation finally got enough votes to defeat the repeal. Not only are transgender students now restricted from participating in school sports, parents can sue if they think their daughter won’t make the team because a transgender girl took her place. (The focus of the bill is very much on transgender girls and not much on transgender boys.)

Republicans excel at intentionally passing vague bills whose main purpose seems to be to intimidate minorities rather than to lay down clear law. This bill is no exception; it is very short and he does not say how they determine whether someone is trans. Then some brought their own interpretations to the consultation.

“Kansas Republicans successfully blocked the Governor’s intervention to allow genital inspections of boys now as toys for kids to play.” viral Tweet it is requested Since that tweet got thousands of likes, it should be noted that the bill says nothing about genital inspections. However, it is certainly not a gigantic leap that something like this can be realized. TO 2021 version the bill contained language stating that disputes over the sex of students could be resolved through a “health exam.” Moreover, in the meeting of the House in the month of February, the representative of the state Barbara Wasinger, who introduced the laws; asked how he would use it and he answered that it would be through “physical games.” This is what is meant by “genital inspection”, the Democrats asked. Wasinger said he couldn’t remember. I don’t know about you, but if I introduced legislation that would have a huge impact on people’s lives, I would try and recall a few things about it.

Kansas is not the only state that blocks the participation of trans girls in sports. More than 14 states have passed rock climbing bills that have been passed in sports. And the high school courses are not just targeted. Republicans don’t want people to be trans in public at all. But at least 452 anti-LGBTQ+ bills State laws across the US have been introduced since the beginning of this year, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), with a large number of these people being trans.

When it came to people playing trans sports, the people pushing anti-transference laws dressed up their superstitions in the language of women’s rights. The Kansas bill was envisioned and eloquently called “The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.” This site is very clear: banning girls from playing sports in schools has nothing to do with fairness and everything to do with malice. In 2021, the Associated Press contacted two dozen state lawmakers sponsoring bills that would bar transgender girls from competing on girls’ sports teams in public schools. In almost all cases, sponsors He could not cite any examples in his state where trans-participation had become a problem.

It is perfectly reasonable to have a good-faith debate about whether women who have gone through male puberty should retain it. unfair advantage in professional women’s sports. The subject is complex and many experts believe that regulations should be made on a game-by-game basis. But that’s the trigger. Sports games are designed to be about inclusivity and team work and play. Laws like those in Kansas are not made because of scientific consensus, they are not made because of fairness – they are made to hurt and humiliate young trans people. These laws, I cannot stress enough, do not affect trans people: they will attack anyone who does not conform to rigid gender stereotypes. Yes, cisgender women who are in a . they are not present “Women” are already harassed in public bathrooms because of anti-trans hysteria. There is no clear line between women’s rights and gay rights: Republicans are coming after us all.

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