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RISE OF THE CITY, UT — Place-loyal Park dwellers in the city It brings readers weekly listings in partnership with globally-trusted Sotheby’s International Realty, but it’s the women behind Inhabit who rely on clients and new residents for real insight, local knowledge, and finding the perfect fit in Park City.

Julie Snyder, founder of Inhabitation, strives to understand this client’s needs, what they want, and the lifestyle they are looking for before carefully finding and presenting curated choices that meet their standards and wishes. Julie describes herself as honest, analytical, and passionate. They help you make a great investment and not just a home but a community.

Julius attended Cornell College in Ithaca, New York, where he attended. While in school, she began her business career by taking design courses and launching a women’s accessories company. After that, he opened two popular women’s casual clothing stores in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, which he ran six years ago in Park City. His previous business experience and entrepreneurial drive propelled him to quickly become a trusted real estate professional in Park City.

Julia is a devoted mother to her two young sons. In his spare time, he can be found hiking with his Bernese mountain dog and Creme English golden retriever, going on backcountry ski trips, cheering on his children on ski runs, or just enjoying one of the downhill slopes. the region of the legendary mountains

This spring, Julie is looking forward to flowers and sunshine.

“Last year we did a major landscaping project at our house. Unfortunately, winter comes early, and we have not reached the end. After so much snow, seeing the colors in the yard sounds amazing! And while we had the best snow season ever, I miss seeing the sun!”

“As a Seaside transplant and Ivy League graduate, I saw work in Park City as an honest, analytical realtor who provided a personal approach to each client. I plan to help other families, like mine, navigate the hilly real estate market in the city. I look forward to working with you. Your family and helping us find more than Park City, but helping you make our community a better place.-Julie Snyder

Kristina Batal is Julia’s right-hand woman and licensed assistant. Her association with True Sotheby’s International came in 2021 after working alongside the Vice President at TTR Sotheby’s International in Mclean, Virginia starting in 2017. Kristina comes from a family of real estate tycoons, developing and selling over 1,500 homes in Northern Virginia. Knowledge, experience and passion have been proudly passed down from one generation to the next in the Batal family.

She offers a new and fresh perspective based on a solid foundation of knowledge. Kristina is committed to continuous improvement, driving success and understanding the evolution of the industry. He recognizes and values ​​the trust his clients place in him and strives to exceed their expectations every day. Kristina has helped raise over $50 million in real estate sales for senior teams and $5+ million individually.

Kristina will help you turn your house into a home, and with a great location and level into a commercial form; He has an excellent eye for design and interiors. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking with friends and family, traveling the world, swimming, surfing, and spending time with her 8-month-old golden retriever. He has Spouse of Lovers Co. in Salt Lake City, selling a vintage wedding gown. Won Best Bridal Studio in Salt Lake County in 2012.

This spring, Kristina is waiting to start the garden.

“I had a small garden last spring/summer where I grew lettuce, celery, jalapenos, and tomatoes.” I’m sure this will really increase. I love to cook, and even with my gardens last year, being able to grab a few new things to eat outside of the summer was such a simple pleasure that brought me a lot of happiness.”

Park City is a world-class destination resort town, but it also remains a close-knit mountain community where good relationships make it easy and Park City real estate deals run together.

The team leverages local relationships and emerging technologies to help you quickly and confidently. His personal real-estate experience helps you identify the right Park City neighborhoods, the best Park City schools, and the perfect home for your modern mountain lifestyle.

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