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New York (AP) – Donald Trump said Tuesday night in Florida after a scheduled arraignment in New York on charges related to hush money paymentsHis campaign announced Dom.

Trump will hold the event at the Mar-a-Lago club after he returns from Manhattan, where he is expected to turn himself in. He is expected to be joined by supporters in Florida as he tries to project an image of bravery and defiance and turn the crimes into a political issue to boost his 2024 presidential campaign.

Trump is facing many charges Falsifying business records, including at least one, is a felony, in an indictment handed up by a Manhattan grand jury last week, two people familiar with the matter told The Associates Press. They spoke on the condition of anonymity to not discuss the information with the state yet because the indictment remains under seal.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing and called the witch hunt a part of a year-long “hunt” to reduce his claim.

Trump’s aides and lawyers returned to their wisdom in his appearance before reporters and after the impeachment they announced that they caught many by surprise. Trump has been catapulted back into headlines and media attention by criminal charges, and while some of his advocates have preferred to remain silent, he credits his campaign with his supporters.

Already, the Trump campaign says it has raised more than $5 million and more than 16,000 volunteers since the impeachment, which Trump spokesman Steven Cheung said is “a key indicator that Americans of all backgrounds are sick and tired of arming themselves against the justice system. President Trump and his supporters his. “

Trump announced Thursday A grand jury has been indicted in the case of undisclosed money paid to the 2016 presidential campaign by a porn actor who says Trump had an extramarital affair with her years earlier.

In a televised interview on Sunday, Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina said that he will be able to accept the impeachment once it is accepted, then figure out the next legal steps. He dismissed questions about whether to seek a change of venue or whether to file a motion to dismiss the case early, though common defense attorneys do both.

“We’re way too early to decide which motions to file or not to file, and we need to see the indictment and work on it,” he told ABC’s “This Week.” “I say, behold, it is the beginning.”

The former president is expected to fly to New York on Monday afternoon and spend the night at Trump Tower in Manhattan before his impeachment appearance on Tuesday, according to two people familiar with his plans, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss Trump’s travel plans.

He is expected to report to court Tuesday morning, where he will be fingerprinted and shot dead, just like anyone else facing the crime. Investigators will fill out the arrest papers and check if he has or has committed any outstanding criminal charges.

After the bookings are completed, Trump will appear before a judge this afternoon for arraignment. That will happen in the same Manhattan courtroom where his company was taxed and convicted of fraud in December and where the disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein went on trial for rape.

But Tacopina said most of what will happen Tuesday remains “up in the air,” giving the former president Trump’s unique status, “another thing that we’re going to say very, very proudly, ‘Not guilty.’

Clearly this is different. This has never been done before. “I’ve never been involved in a lawsuit before at 100 Center Street,” the State of the Union said on CNN, using the street address of the market. “I hope this will be as painless and classy as possible for this situation.”

The judge may decide at some point to face the case of anyone who speaks publicly about it, but this will likely happen on Tuesday. The joke order is commonly used as a way to avoid potential juror bias. But it’s often done on the spur of the moment, and in this case it’s Trump who’s talking

Officials from the Secret Service and the New York Police Department surveyed the forum and discussed security plans on Friday.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., a key Trump ally and the New York Young Republican Club are planning a “peaceful protest” against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg across the street from the courthouse this afternoon.

___ Long reported from Wilmington, Delaware.

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