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It’s a piece of work that shows a different side of celebs. For some, the interview can boost their career, like Cardi B showing her political side to David Letterman. But in other cases, only one decision can cause controversy. This was cast by Megan Fox, who at the time was enjoying massive stardom thanks to the action transformers and his works in the country of Michael Bav. But one comment was almost entirely dismissed by Hollywood.

Let’s take a look at their relationship and how Fox should have clarified some of their past comments. We will also show what he had to say about the fox, and what horrible comparisons he made. In addition, take a look at Bay’s response and how he felt about the allegations.

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Together, Megan Fox and Michael Bay have made billions at the box office transformers. However, despite the success, things went south in the relationship because of the controversies made by Megan Fox about her director.

It took years for Megan Fox to make that clear. showing that he had not been robbed by his former ruler.

“Although I greatly appreciate the generosity of support, I feel that I need to clarify some details that have been lost in the narrative of things and cast a shadow of the left, which in reality, I think, is not.”

“I did the work” (pretending to know how to hold a key) in one of Michael’s [Ferraris] He confirmed in one of the audition scenes. “There was a lot of parking at Platinum Dunes studios, several other crew members and employees were there and I was in no way rude or anything like that.”

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Fox has addressed the shocking rumors that Michael Bay has asked Ferrari to come clean. The actress was quick to dispel these rumors, as it appeared that nothing untoward had been done.

“When it comes to my direct experiences with Michael, and Steven for that matter, I have never been attacked or attacked in what I felt was just a sexual way,” he wrote.

They all started messing with Michael Bay following the interview. At the time, as if the life of a fox could be dealt with because of its harsh comparison.

Megan Fox’s interview with Marvel almost ended the whole show

Megan Fox on the red carpet
Way: press on

Speaking aside Amazing Magazine, Fox was asked about that experience alongside Michael Bay. His response shocked many, as he described the ruler as one of the worst figures in the world.

The fox said: “God, I really wish I could solve this one. It is Napoleon and he wants to create this crazy, infamous and infamous man. He wants to be like Hitler in his murders, and he is. That is the man. He used to be frightened.”

Fox goes on to reveal how the Bay was very different from the set in real life scenarios.

“When you take him off the set, and he’s not in the director’s mood, I really love his personality, because he’s so awkward, so insanely awkward. He has absolutely no social skills. And I love watching him. He’s vulnerable and vulnerable. He’s fragile in real life. and then in the set here is the Shia tyrant and we almost die when we do it transformers movie.”

She continues, “You have to do some crazy things that insurance will never let you do.”

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Fox’s comments didn’t sit well with others, and that was especially true with Steven Spielberg who wanted to drive it. commuters

Megan Fox and Michael Bay

Michael Bay took exception to Fox’s comments from the interview. Bay Steven Spielberg revealed in an appearance that no one was too happy and wanted to film it.

“She was in another world, on her BlackBerry. She had to stay focused. And you know, the Hitler thing. Steven [Spielberg] he said, “Fire her now.”

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In recent years, Bay also wanted to address Fox’s comments saying there was no truth to some of the prodigious rumors.

“Megan Fox wrote this today. This is still from her audition 13 years ago. No. She is not washing the car or in a bikini as the press falsely said many years ago,” the 50-year-old director wrote. . “And I personally think Megan is fantastic. I’m proud to have worked with her, and I still think so.”

Many wondered if Fox’s career was over, but clearly not. Fox continues to build on his acting credentials with various upcoming projects; Expenses IV.

Like Michael Bay, his career also continues with various credits in the future, including producer rights for . Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

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