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Last Friday I used my day off to carry out a series of hanging procedures on the other side of the border. So I took a shower, dropped my kids at school, and left my wife at work. Afterwards, I stayed with my mother so that she, having used the journey, could take care of other things.

Heading south, the passage was quite calm, unlike what happens during the hours. Having completed our duties at the Head of Baja California, we prepared to return to the country, but not before doing some of the shopping that had taken us. Contrary to what I expected, we only spent half an hour returning to the Caesarean valley.

Before we got to the next stop at the Wells Fargo branch, we noticed a column of gray smoke in the distance.

Although my day was over, my journalistic instinct compelled me to investigate the cause of the smoke.

After walking a few steps so close to the fire I got up. To my surprise, there was a fire in a building in another city in Calexico.

Firefighters, as always, worked hard and dangerously to prevent the fire from spreading to other businesses in the area.

This time, fire destroyed what was once a business known as Precio Loco, on Heffernan Avenue between Second and Third streets.

Less than a block from the scene of the incident, two other buildings ended up the same way not long ago. The authorities said that the damage was total in both the case and the collapsed buildings and the debris was removed. Now, in both places, they will certainly come up with Precio Loco – or Crazy Price in English – the building will disappear from the central area.

In one of these recent cases of building fires in the area, an investigation by the Calexico Fire Department leads to a potential arson.

I’m not one of those people who believe in conspiracy theories. But these three similar incidents occurred in an area where Calexico and County officials plan to build a new, controversial transportation center. That was done.

This issue of the center of transfer has caused a lot of controversy, mainly due to the fact that the city authorities are contemplating applying the so-called ownership sign to receive the property, paying a small amount to the owner who wants to keep it alone. its business and the services of its employees, as it has been for many years.

While these are happening, the downtown area is showing a marked decline, if the current situation is compared to how buoyant that area became years and decades ago, when thousands of Mexicans and visitors from other cities came to shop or have fun. .

Downtown Calexico has become home to many buildings that have remained empty for a long time, without businessmen or authorities doing anything to really reactivate economic activity, improve infrastructure conditions, bring more resources into the city’s coffers, create jobs and provide better quality. of life Of course, a few people can still enjoy the metal chairs and tables set up on Rockwood Avenue, which will be impossible in the summer at least due to the hot temperatures.

If the authorities were, let’s not say intelligent, but shrewd and they conducted public affairs in the borders of the city, they would seek funds and advice from other organizations and institutions to improve conditions in the city area, which will never happen again, but very much. it can have a better perspective in the near future with the arrival of new projects that attract customers from the other side of the border or even serve those Vallisites who have to manage business in Mexicali.

The need for various services can also lead to the undertaking of profitable projects, such as more secret parking spaces for those who leave their vehicles to cross to the other side of the border.

He insists that the authorities leaders show the change in the vicious circle that led to the unfortunate situation in the city center before it all burns down.

Adelante Valley Editor Arturo Bojórquez at abojorquez@ivpressonline.com or (760) 335-4646.

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