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DICKINSON – When someone is anticipating a vacation or wedding, hoping to build their summer body or fit into old clothes, regular exercise is essential. Many groups have stuck to gyms as a way to continue their studies – even after they have achieved the first goal – they are looking for places with more individualized training methods, so that it is consistent with their strengths and efforts.

From left, Chapel Blacksmith executives Karen Boswell, Wyatt Hegler and co-owner Daniel Kerr — along with friend and co-owner Colby Wartman — run the gym, located at 121 1st Street E. in Dickinson.

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“A gym is a place where you can not only get physically stronger and all that, but it’s a great mental health boost because you can’t go outside and there’s not a lot of sun and people fight anxiety and depression,” he said. co-heirs of Mr. Daniel Kerr. “I think that’s a big part of it, too.”

The gym is co-owned by Kerr and his friend Colby Wartmen, and the two have been running the gym since 2020. They managed to make it through the covid pandemic and are now anticipating the day when they can expand their location to the city’s most convenient locations. to expand

At the beginning of the winter season, the gymnasium like the Iron Chapel will see an almost immediate influx of people, but by the tail end, Kerr said they can’t hold back and their phones are ringing off the hook.

“Our classes are bigger than they’ve ever been, and I don’t know if it’s a holdover from COVID or what. When the weather starts getting even milder, they want to get out and get behind it, both on the athlete side and on the general public side,” Wartman said. “We’ve always had it. But it’s been busy too.”

The two have been in business for six years, starting in a 25-by-25-foot space above Chiropractic’s bell tower, “super-humble beginnings,” as Wartman described it, and growing into a powerful operation that thrives. people like Haley Hargrave all the time.

“There are great teachers here, and it’s great to have a place to come, and there aren’t a ton of people here; you can just be done and go home,” Hargrave said.

Through word of mouth marketing, Kerr and Wartman experienced the best improvements and took things slowly but surely. “People liked what we were doing and we had more requests to move here and we went where we didn’t have a place,” Kerr said.

“This new place is perfect, well thought out,” Wartman said. “It was the best for us – a great place – but in the future, at some point, we need more rooms. It would be hard to get away from here, but I need a greater facility in some area.

Staff members include teachers Wyatt Hegler and Karen Boswell, and both say they enjoy the personal style that the Iron Chapel offers.

“It’s not crowded here and it’s more of a one-on-one environment of true personal training as opposed to a training group where everyone does the same types of things,” said Boswell, who has been a trainer and been involved in fitness for 35 years. . “We work with people on what they want and at the stage they’re at in terms of fitness and style, what’s right for them and their lifestyle.”

Hegler nodded, saying, “I like it a lot here, I’m a big fan. I like the vibe here and it’s fun for everyone to enjoy.”

The personal, one-on-one instruction and attention that people enjoy, however, and Kerr works with Wartman to provide equal mentorship to gym members, along with Boswell and Karey. They have a solid relationship with their clients, and they recognize all of their clients.

“I think it’s multifaceted,” Kerr said. “And while I’m working, I think hard skills – as part of the training itself – we’re very good, and knowing about moving and getting the right people; and we obtain permanent results.

Kerr added, “But I think what sets us apart from everyone else is maybe how we connect with customers. Our retention is good and if they come through that door they usually stay, and we have awesome customers.”

Wartman echoed that sentiment, saying, “Our retention is better than maybe 90 percent of gyms, I think these guys become friends, and we go out on the town with them … we do great things that connect with people more familiarly. rather than just a transactional level.

“And we train these athletes and it’s the most athletic training combined with the kids and, honestly, from my education, when I was at that age, when I needed it.”

For more information on the Iron Chapel, located at 121 1st Street E. in Dickinson, please visit

or call or email 701-290-2064

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