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April fool’s day has finally come to add a little more chaos for the weekso that jokes and lies go around. But we understand what it’s all about on April 1st — a chance for developers to sneak some humor into our favorite games. These April Fools’ pranks have been getting a little more advanced and ambitious over the years, and we love April Fools for that. Here are some of the best April fools pranks out there right now:

Lechonk lovers unite

Here are two true statements: Lechonk is the perfect Pokémon, and Lechonk deserves more love than we can offer. So while there’s still the pain that Lechonk can only dominate Pokémon for holiday pranks, I’m still happy to report that Lechonk is worthy of the stars this April 1. True Lechonk fans will be in for a treat. or outside the CHORUSor porky pink playmat decorated with many lechons.

Nintendo Switch PB is now more Italian

IGN pulls a fast one here and declares that every Mario game is going to be Prattified. Can you imagine?

Xzibit equals Pimp My Ride

Xzibit shows YOU how to make a LENO motherf****** BROWSER

Opera GX is a self-proclaimed “browser for gamers”, and I believe it allows users to modify their browser’s feel to the next level. One Xzibit here to show you how smooth your GX works?digs into new aesthetics like the cyberpunk theme or the broader theme of anime.

Disgaea puts a hat on the Morbi Roman ring… with a fake Morbi Sim

It’s quite trendy today for games to even have spin-off soccer sims, like that Died by Jux or * Overwatch 2. For DisgaeaI believe April 1st is as good a time as any to announce the title of their last day-sim spin-off Makai is not prince-sama. Tragically, this game has a release date slated for January 30, 20000000200, so there’s no way for me to actually take Killia for a nice dinner. Oh well. If this game were real, you would wake up in the form of Prinny (penguin skin) to experience heartbreak and romantic adventures. He can only dream.

】 【【魔界 の の ディガイア プリンス 「魔界 の ♡ プリンスさまっ♪」

Genshin Impact four playable cats reveals

Genshin Impact He has a real love for cats, as evidenced by the playful character of Diana and her “Cai’s Tail” bar. During April Fools’ Day, the Hoyoverse capitalized on all our feline fantasies: playing cat. More specifically, Hoyoverse has set up short and promotional images to showcase the playable versions of Diluc, Keqing, Kuki Shinobu, and Wanderer. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to distinguish through the text, as each cat is simply named “Meow”, and all of them can do or say “meow”.

in U.S the horse of the universe expands

Innersloth can’t stand being around a horse, apparently in U.S The developers have once again brought back the evil “horse” mode, allowing players to take control of the royal majesty. But Innersloth he simply could not be satisfied from the same classic rerunning “horse way.” The in U.S The devs created the game with the expansion “Horse Wrangling Mode.” This Hide n’ Seek game mode will allow the seeker to play the role of “Rancher” to literally tie up these armed knights for killing them.

Among Us Horse Mode Kill Animation

Look your best with the new Razer Razer

I’m glad Razer finally settled on its homophonic relationship with the word “razor.” One might say that it is an easy target, but I believe that it is just a necessary expression. This theoretical razor doubles as a shaving tool, as well as a gaming mouse, allowing you to get the best view of how to lower heads, or whatever you use for a gaming mouse.

You can sign up to be a beta tester for Razer Razer on the makeup here. Now I’m not betting, but I don’t think you can actually get your hands on a Razer Razer. Instead, you’ll enter a raffle to win full Razer gear, including a keyboard, headphones, and mouse.

Razer Razer | Feel sharp, play sharp

Teddy bear welcome to kill in rainbow six siege

rainbow six siege He would like to celebrate April Fools’ Day with a “Rainbow Magic” event. while usually rainbow six siege Not showing much in the way of rainbows, April Fools allows the tactical shooter to add some color to his universe. Until the peace does not take this time. As opposed to liberating teddy bears, you’ll instead have their heads anointed.

Rainbow Six Siege: Rainbow Magic 2013 Gameplay Trailer

1v1 your cat in “Street Fighter VI”

Capcom is on a roll with an innovative new “Street Fighter VI” features It will not only be a new 2v2 modebut also a “dynamic mode” that allows you to complete combos and brushes with a simple button press. For further accessibility with your cat, Capcom has created a tool that allows the cat to experience Dynamic mode, converting various ab- and punctuations of the cat at the press of a button. If we ever dream of that, anyway.

Lets take away the stronger me Street Fighter 6 Cat Battle Device

League of Legends allow you to collect and use grace hats

League of Legends already about that custom. When players enter a blind pick match, they’ll have the chance to roam around the Summoner’s Rift to kill minions, picking up some rocky caps along the way. And if this Reddit has to be believed, there doesn’t seem to be a higher limit to how many stylish hats you can wear, which means your hat stack should be as long as you dream. There are some other surprises waiting for you in Select Blind, but I’ll be collecting them instead.

As Sonic is killed, the Eggcoin currency crashes

It seems to be a stressful time of year for Sonic the Hedgehog and friends. With everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog he was killed to kill a free mystery gamethere were darker, more illicit forays into the Sonicverse. Apparently, Eggman created a cryptocurrency called “Eggcoin” that crashed and burned, and the Big Cat is the leader of an amazing mob of mafia, among other villains. Thoughts and prayers.

Baldur’s Gate III gives you all the cheese

One of the best things about exploring Larian games is how you can use the tools they give you to hack their games. They like to cut out the middleman and you just plain cheese!

Strong new characters also for the wild

you thought Overwatch 2The April fool’s update is bad? Wait ’till you read what’s to come Valens. Here is the innovation, I know, of the devil Valens April fools repair notes:

Rival renovations

Strong e-daters on Orders are automatically placed in a dedicated queue funnel, where they can only hear each other’s voice comms.

Cuffing can take time, but if you and your business are trying to bond over a STRONG one without getting absolutely marketed by your teammates, we gotchu fam.


Fired shots while spawning now shoot at the enemy spawn

The control panel is the middle anyway

Jett attacks now have a charge-based cooldown and the cooldown is now at 0.5 seconds

We love Jett and we love cars so we made it a cool 0.5 seconds. Jett bouta pull out the skrt skrt

Minecraft is an April fools fire

Revelation: Votum Update

If you open Minecraft today, you’ll notice something a little different about your launcher. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with it. You can put out the fire with a small bucket of water. In addition to this, Mojang, however, introduces a diabolical update “The Vow”, which sounds like pure chaos;

From the moment you start the game, you will find yourself in a world of perpetual voting, where events fundamentally change the laws of Minecraft. As you can see in the video, the best selection of voting features that include everything and anything: beelloons, French mode, zombie mode, rabbit transformation mode, exploding pistons, world uts – and many more; many more

“Studies show that hunters love decisions – the better they are,” said Professor Apreel Dåre of Sillington University. “The fact that Mojang Studios is willing to put decision-making in the hands of players shows how much they care about their community. Or so I suppose. I was not in the community after 1857 and did not really play games.

If you don’t know what to expect, here’s a tip. They love this as a gift box, together with the ones that appear result

Once you take it, there is no going back. If you delete the file, the story ends; wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You show up, live in the world, and we’ll show you how deep the tunnel hole went.

It will be fine, though.

The Rocket League takes a positive turn

If you’re planning to have a warm-up game in the Rocket League today, bad news. The chat has been processed so that only positive news can come out. Yes, now you can kick around a literal Easter Egg.

What are some of your favorite April Fool’s jokes this year?

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