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Symbol: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition will include fitness and endurance modes when it arrives on PlayStation VR2 on April 4th for those looking for it. fitness training, the fitness mode offers calorie or time saving options, which are a certain amount of calories burned. Players will also have the ability to set their own calorie or time targets, with the option to incorporate time into the rest of the workout.

In Endurance mode your character will not have virtual endurance, but will be drawn into actual physical exertion and lead to a more realistic experience. Additionally, you have the ability to control your opponent’s difficulty by adjusting their additional health and damage.

The Player versus Player (PvP) feature has undergone significant improvements, including improved implementation of matchmaking algorithms. Cross-platform voting has been added, allowing PS VR2 players to compete against Meta Quest II.

Fans will see three new arenas, eight new characters and a deck system with nearly 100 looks. Deluxe Edition buyers will receive an additional 22 “Glow” costumes.

Pre-orders for the Standard ($39.99) and Deluxe ($49.99) versions of Symbol: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition can be placed on PS Store. PlayStation Plus members receive an extra 10% discount on pre-orders and for a limited time receive an exclusive Adonis symbol.

Owners of the original PSVR game can upgrade to the enhanced and enhanced PS VR2 version for $19.99 (Latin Edition) or $29.99 (Deluxe Edition).

Immerse yourself in the pulse-pounding excitement of boxing with the cinematic stunner of a blockbuster movie, as you step into the ring as an aspiring champion boxer: under Rocky Balboa, fight familiar and unexpected competitors across dynamic arenas, and establish your boxing legacy. .

The Sponsorship Edition provides an enhanced and enhanced experience for new and seasoned CREDO players along with additional game content, features, quality of life, upgrades and cross-platform PvP support. Using the power of the PS5 and PS VR2, Smile Edition pushes the excitement and challenge of high-profile matches into the ring. Put on your gloves and step into the ring to experience a fit champion.

To be a tradition

  • 22 distinct boxers selected from the iconic Symbol and Rocky world and created exclusively for Rise to Glory.
  • Live the life of an aspiring boxer: train under Rocky Balboa, fight legendary opponents in iconic rings and rise to the top. Championship Edition The Symbol universe is expanded even further with new characters, costumes and arena options from CREDO III.

Enter the ring

  • Feel the excitement and adrenaline of the cinematic world of Symbols 3: high-stakes battles with interactive effects, stunning visuals, dynamic music and pulse-pounding animations.
  • Players like Screamers will feel the rocks from the corner and the gloves that they hear past their ears in 3D spatial. 4K HDR, 110-degree FOV support and rendering pitfall-free visuals with better performance and fidelity.

I feel the impact

  • The intuitive clash of battle technology delivers a pulse-pounding experience unlocked only through the power of virtual reality.
  • Proprietary phantom collision tech and slowmo counter systems increase the intensity of the fight against the opponent, and make the head and controller haptic feedback for hitting, and hitting with more impact.

Play your way

  • Recipe Mode – Proverb, fight and win as a Symbol. Experience Adonis Creed’s journey against all odds through an interactive story-driven and expanded story from CREED III.
  • Freeplay Mode – carve out your personal path to glory. In FreePlay Mode, you choose a location and an opponent for custom matches to challenge you in your words.
  • Fitness Options – Match personal health goals with fitness options for time and calorie targets.
  • Cross-Platform PvP – Set up a custom battle against a friend, or challenge competitors in cross-platform PvP.

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