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They are two of the most famous Indian actors in America, both handsome and talented. The fame shot in the industry gave his ethnicity a difficult break. However, they are completely hesitant about starting their careers in Mumbai.

Recently, both have made news against the odds in their careers – Freida Pinto railed against Hollywood for her “lack of will to do something else” that nearly derailed her career, soon after she shot to global fame with “Slumdog” and “Millionaire,” which won eight Oscars at the 2009 Academy Awards. Awards She appeared destined for Hollywood stardom with her critically acclaimed portrayal of Latika in the Danny Boyle film alongside British Indian actor Dev Patel.

And to the astonishment of critics and fans, her career went nowhere, all because she rejected being typecast and rejected many roles. Speaking at the NYWIFT Awards, he blamed his category on Hollywood’s lack of imagination. “Stereotypes after stereotypes, a lack of imagination, a willful failure to do something different, to try something new, really started gnawing at me and left me frustrated and I started turning down roles,” Pinto said.

Despite his stratospheric success, the company, he said, is “after the shiny gloss of his success, trying to grapple with the wild realities of the entertainment industry.”

“I brought back Belle from the Ball,” he recalled, admiring the incredible filmmakers and studio executives, adding:[But I was] Knowing full well that they were accepting these offers, they did not see me and did not understand me,” Pinto said.

The “dark” star recently opened up on Dax Shepard’s podcast about why she abruptly left a lucrative career in Indian cinema and headed for the American West.

Pinto said that she was unemployed for two years only because she refused to accept any “stereotypical” roles. “This series of careers followed after he appeared in the 2011 movie ‘The Immortals’ – after which he did not move on to another major project until 2014, according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who had a meteoric rise in the Indian film industry after winning the Miss World title in 2000, spoke about her frustrating time in Bollywood, which was obsessed with skin tones and politics. The “dark” star recently opened up on Dax Shepard’s podcast about why she abruptly left a lucrative career in Indian cinema and headed for the American West. She was most concerned about how she had to fly with the factions that dominated the Indian film industry.

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His main concern and source of humiliation was about his complexion. “I have appeared in many movies. Sometimes I wear makeup and I cry. The song that I still remember. It was called “Chitti Dudh Kudi”, that is a girl who is as white as milk, and I wasn’t there, but I was playing her and really in the movie I’m relieved,” he said.

She felt discriminated against when her white colleagues were passed over. If not, there was an option to “enlighten” it, as it were. And “Neither am I dark,” he said. In an ironic twist, she found success in Hollywood, despite her “dark” appearance, when she became the first South Asian to headline an American network drama series, the ABC thriller, “Quantico.”

Perhaps in retrospect, Chopra expressed regret at Jonas that he had appeared in an Indian ad for fairness cream earlier in his career. “The poster sells a black and white flower that has a machine on a young man who doesn’t know it. The moment he applies the fairness – film-lightening – cream, he shows his interest,” the Guardian reported. She admitted that such endorsements of dark skin lowered the self-esteem of Indians, but she only agreed to it because big-name brands provided visibility and income for female stars. “Beauty is a really big part of an actress’ trajectory,” she says.

Coincidentally, Pinto also claimed that L’Oreal lifted her skin in photos for a 2011 campaign. He has since had a clause written into his contract, saying he will not be involved in promoting any film-thinning products.

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