‘Squid Game’ Star Hoyeon Says Fame Includes ‘Many Incredible Experiences’, But Also ‘Moments of Self-Doubt’

Hoyeon and Donald Glover were among the honorees of the inaugural GQ Global Creativity Awards on Thursday at the WSA, a new cultural center in midtown Manhattan.

Hosted by music artist Ian Isiah, the black tie gala brings together a diverse range of multidisciplinary creatives that span such industries as fashion, film, television, music, technology and programming.

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The inaugural class of honorees included Glover, Hoyeon, Apple CEO Tim Cook, fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, singer-songwriter Karol G, architect Caietani Pesce, fashion designer Wales Bonner, skateboarder Tyshawn Jones and filmmaker William Strobeck.

The first Global Creativity Awards honoree to be recognized was “Squid Game” star Hoyeon.

“What makes a global leader? Is it talent? Intelligence, desire, courage, curiosity, diligence, imagination, innovation, daring? Or perseverance? Courage? Vision? Or is it the will to grow?” asked the creator of “Pachinko” Min Jin Lee, who won the award for Korean player offered fakes. “To me, it’s probably all of those things and more that defines my friend Jung Hoyeon.”

“While I was gifted with so many incredible experiences because of ‘Squid Game,’ I also experienced moments of self-doubt. And I wondered one day, ‘Am I too much?’ The next day I asked myself, ‘Am I enough?'” Hoyeon said in her acceptance speech. , I understood, to be creative without fear, the question of things, am I myself?

He added, “I can’t wait to collaborate with more amazing and talented people, like Min Jin, around the world, and to share with everyone at the same time.”

When on stage to accept his award, Cook recognized the star of “Ted Lasso” and recognized presenter Anne Waddingham.

“You bring so much humor and heart [‘Ted Lasso’]it’s really a joy to watch,” Cook said to Wadingham. “But it is a wonderful example that he can make. Whether it’s a line of dialogue that brings viewers to the edge of their seat, or a line of code that brings so many innovations to life, creativity has a unique power to move people, to inspire us, to connect us.”

The GQ Global Creativity Awards featured two surprises: models wore designs by Yamamoto in the lobby, while looks from the Bonner Fall/Winter 2023 collection were presented at the gala dinner before the acceptance speech. French jazz duo Domi and JD Beck in one corner of the room as guests mingle and enjoy a feast created by chef Jake Tyler Brodsky.

Zazie Beetz snapped while presenting the final award to “Atlanta” creator Glover.

Donald Glover at the 2023 GQ Global Creativity Awards at WSA on April 06, 2023 in New York City.

Donald Glover at the 2023 GQ Global Creativity Awards at WSA on April 06, 2023 in New York City.

“I think Donald has moved the way we can.” [use] television, Black TV, how music integrates stories, male vulnerability, black female vulnerability – and it doesn’t seem to be doing this on purpose. It’s just who she is, Beetz said of her “Atlanta” co-star. “So you could call Donald a great writer, actor, director, producer, musician, style icon, father, partner — but the more I got to know Donald, the more I knew he was playing in the theater.

“I didn’t write anything. I thought this thing was going to get some credit. I was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to win Tim Cook,'” Glover said jokingly.

But he said, “I feel like a kid in the playground, where I’m like, I want to do this. And some are ignoble and do not give irrumabo, which is beautiful. But then you have other people who really believe in you and love you and want to build these things with you. And people notice it.

In the evening with the disc after the party concluded, the music by ACYDE and the single “Tomorrow” and “FNF (let’s go)” by GloRilla.

Awards gala guests on the list included Anna Wintour, Antwaun Sargent, Babyface, ASAP Ferg, James Turlington, Jonathan Groff, Luka Sabbat, Maggie Rogers, Dawn James, Al Freeman, Alton Mason, Edgar Ramirez, Abbey Lee and GQ global director Will Welch.

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