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Singaporean actor Joel Choo is not an unfamiliar face in the showbiz industry.

He has acted in several local dramas and is a content creator on TikTok.

Oh, and you probably recognize him as the younger son of old actor Zhu Houren.

Motherhood recently spoke with Choo, who plays Ah Hock in Channel 5’s prime time series “Titoudao: Dawn of a New Era” to find out more about his thoughts on the new era, content creation and family.

Surprised news “Titoudao” spin-off

By the end of the first season of “Titoudao”, Choo thought that he would leave his character for the good of Ah Hock.

After that, he was already in his 40s for twenty-four years.

Thus there was no doubt that the sudden news of the season would reach him.

“I was surprised at first… [I] I wasn’t sure if I was happy because I think the character has already said goodbye,” Choo shared.

Then the message was brought that the second season was the thorny one of the first season, which prompted him to introduce a season that had not been shown in the first season.

With two seasons of filming three years apart, Choo has been adapting a lot since he returned to play Ah Hock.

In time, Ah Hock had evolved from an immature young circulator to a more grounded and confident family man.

It was the last thing Choo mentioned when expressing his character.

When in place of the spinning, he found that he had a little retreat to go back to “old Ah Hock.”

Another change that had to be made was to lose weight, for reasons of continuity.

Choo weighed 75kg when filming for season one ended, 5kg more than what she weighed before filming season two began.

“Back then, Ah Hock wasn’t doing well, so I tried to lose some weight for the role,” he explained.

“[I] he ate less [and] he exercised more… I tried my best to lose some weight, but I don’t know… The audience will tell,” he laughed.

I started making TikTok videos during the pandemic

Choo also has another driving content creation on TikTok.

He first started using TikTok in mid-2020 to entertain himself during his free time.

“Through Covid [pandemic]Children do not have free time from my property. So I started doing a lot [TikTok] I liked the videos and then I realized that I could use all these customer accounts, he shared.

Fast forward to three years later, Choo’s TikTok account has over 49,400 followers and almost half a million likes.

He also involved his father in some TikTok collaborations with various brands such as BMW, Marks & Spencer and CPF.

Balancing his acting and creative content has been “manageable,” but there have been instances where filming and deadlines collide, resulting in him and his manager working overtime after filming to meet these deadlines.

“But I enjoy it H *“Choo,” he said, affirming his passion for both acting and doing content.

It also allows for more versatility in both driving and flapping;

“I think in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia, we are quite unique in the sense that our actors must also be creative. I think they are more versatile. Especially because Singapore [is] so small, not so [few] doing jobs, you must seek to receive other incomes as well.

All in the family

There seems to be a thing in showbiz with the Choos.

Choo and his father are actors and his brother Jonathan is a director.

This allowed him to look at the action plan from two different perspectives, one from a veteran actor, the other from a “disciplined” director.

“[My brother] It gives me a different perspective… A director’s perspective. Like, why is it written? [in a certain] journey He sets up and explains to me all the details and details. My father experienced it. He knows how to act on good TV,” he explained.

Conversations about showbiz linger within the three men at home as Choo’s mother is generally “clueless” about acting and directing techniques.

“My mum is behind everything,” he continued.

Of course, the veteran father actor also led to him being compared to his father for an infinite amount of time.

But Choo takes it in stride;

“Even now, people still know that I’m my father’s son, which is totally fine. I think I’m out there myself.”

But I will try in the same way [establish] my singularity, which is [through] My social media was raised.

I’m happy with where I am now in terms of how I try to put myself out there. I think what I could do better is to try out more behavior functions and try to have a signature character.

Maybe something like Ah Hock but a little more subtle to solidify [my place] in doing energy “.

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Top photos from Hayley Foong & Joel Choo’s Instagram

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