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Sonam Kapoor, who recently embraced motherhood son of VayuIt ensures that you give your body enough time to recover from the postpartum period. At the same time, he keeps his body active by indulging in physical exercise and nourishing food to keep it healthy. A similar vein, the Veere Di Nuptialis The actor was recently seen doing Pilates exercises, about which he shared a video on Instagram Stories.

In the video, he could be seen working out on the Pilates exerciser, with some help from his trainer Radhika Karle.

Sonam Kapoor re-shared her insight into a Pilates class shared by her trainer (Source: Sonam Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Prior to this, Sonam had opened up about the pre, during, and post-natal diet chart in detail. To watch

A humiliating diet during pregnancy, the 37-year-old lists the following foods;

Vegetables: Be careful, sweet potatoes, squash, spinach, cooked greens, tomatoes, and red sweet peppers (for vitamin A and potassium) are good for your health.

fruits; Cantaloupe, honey, scallions, plums, apricots, oranges, and red or pink grapefruit (for potassium) are musts.

Dairy products: According to Sonam, full-fat or low-fat yogurt, oat milk, soy milk, coconut milk, butter milk, and paneer (cottage cheese), are also beneficial for this condition. The actor further revealed that he did not opt ​​for dairy products as he is lactose intolerant.

sonam kapoor I saw Sonam on the chart like this diet (Source: Sonam Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Grains: He takes sona to eat a free diet. “Yes, I found that ready-made cereals/cooked cereals (for iron and folic acid) were easier on my stomach,” she says.

Proteins: Don’t compromise your intake sometimes. “You can taste beans, dals and peas; nuts and seeds; chicken, lamb, salmon, trout, herring, sardines and pollock etc,” said Sonam.

Toilet: The actor emphasizes the need to drink enough water. Remember, he says, this is important.

sound Sonam Kapoor wearing new products (Source: Sonam Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

She also mentioned that it is very important to eat clean during pregnancy. “Do not eat anything raw during pregnancy. This includes raw meat, fish and vegetables. It is very important to get an upset stomach prenatally; it can be dangerous for the well-being of the baby.

That clear chocolate contains caffeine, pregnant women are advised to stay away from caffeine. “Unfortunately, chocolate contains caffeine. Limit coffee and chocolate intake,” he said.

Julius Limit caffeine intake said Sonam Kapoor (Source: Sonam Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Breaking the myth that two need to eat one, he said: “It’s a myth when people say they eat two! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s nice to feel when you eat if you’re carrying one baby, you only need 350 calories more!”

sonam kapoor Eating for two is a story, said Sonam (Source: Sonam Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Sonam nutritionist and Pilates instructor Radhika Karle had previously reported The actor does a great job of eating small, clean, fresh, seasonal portions Class fit for silent Indians.

“You have to do a fantastic job of taking prenatal supplements, drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrated in this humidity, and eating right to keep your energy levels up and avoid acidity,” Karle said.

sonam kapoor Sonam Kapoor’s fitness, diet revealed (Source: Anand Ahuja/Instagram; Radhika Karle/Instagram Stories)

Sonam also shared a few notes.ghar ka khaanaFor nine months she was happy.

sonam kapoor diet Keeping up with Sonam Kapoor’s diet (Source: Sonam Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

“I did yoga and Pilates throughout my pregnancy. It’s not dangerous to move,” Sona shared.

Karle, who trained Sona for more than 13 years, also paid attention to the actor’s vision during the last trimester.

“The most beautiful mom-to-be. Homestretch, SK. Here we go,” she captioned an Instagram Story.

Karle revealed that Sona has “great body awareness and good core strength”. “We’re in the house of the pregnancy Sonam stretch so the workout is a mix of strength training using dumbbells, therabands, and resistance bands, plus Pilates on the equipment. Pilates is a great form of mindful movement that helps and strengthens posture core muscle. We work to maintain strength while stretching and relaxing the lower back and pelvic floor muscles, he said

sonam kapoor diet fitness Sonam Kapoor worked hard throughout her pregnancy (Source: Radhika Karle/Instagram Stories)

Some of the exercises that contained part of the 37 years of training

*Footwork in a seat position on the Pilates Reformer with added upper body work using the theraband to strengthen the mid back muscles.
* Seated leg pumps on the Pilates Combo Chair with additional shoulder work using dumbbells.
* Modified push ups using a spring load Pilates Isabella’s chair “This is a great core and work,” says Karle.
*Arms work on the Trapeze Table while sitting on a Swiss ball exercise.

sonam kapoor diet Sonam Kapoor having homemade food (Source: Sonam Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

The sound of the pregnancy journey It was “great,” according to Karle, who was with her during the first and third trimesters. “In the month of February, he was throwing colds and going out for walks and exercises even though he felt tired. And it was burning in June…and it still is! Because he was taking care of himself, he was really good – eating fresh and seasonal, working out, and going out regularly for walks when in London made a difference. A pregnant woman is also very informed – reading all the pregnancy-related books, looking at the smartphone, and researching things on the app,” explained Karle.

While it’s important to be mindful of your mind, especially in the last trimester as progesterone and estrogen levels are at an all-time high, Karle shared how Pilates helped Sona.

“With Pilates the physical form of the mind, like yogait actually helps to reduce anxiety and increases focus and concentration. I continue to make sure Sona maintains a distinct breathing pattern with each movement, which also helps the mind. I call herwork place prep’ and because she is very good at following many cues I give her while practicing, I tell her, “we are” … and she gives me an eye roll … I’m going to blame the hormones for that reaction; even!”

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