Showbiz Roundup: From Andrei Sison’s death to Pokwang legal battle vs. Lee O’Brian, Priscilla-Ioannis marriage woes –

John Estrada, Priscilla Meirelles, Pokwang, Andrei Sison. FILE PHOTOS

The month of March ended with a bang as an unexpected death, legal battles and yet another fraud allegation became the talk of the town.

Emerging GMA artist Andrei Sison’s life was tragically cut short following a car accident, when Pokwang appeared to be facing a legal battle against estranged partner Lee O’Brian with the help of a high-profile lawyer. Priscilla Meirelles, meanwhile, attracted the attention of the networks after a cryptic announcement hinting at marital problems with her husband, actor John Estrada.

Another news that became a staple of the conversation, Gloria Romero and Caridad Sanchez denied claims of adulterating a type of essential oil, and Liza Soberano embraced her new found, sultry self in a recent photo shoot.

Here are some of the news stories that got headlines on from the week of March 24th through the 30th.

To whom by trick

The daughters of the oldest actress issue a statement on the evil trick

Gloria Romero (left) and Caridad Sanchez

Maritess Gutierrez, the daughter of the oldest actress Gloria Romero and Caridad Sanchez’s daughter Cathy Babao released statements saying that their mothers never used the type of support essential oil, which was claimed to benefit the mental and physical well-being of the elderly.

The essential oil site developed “testimonials” of two scenes, as well as a supposed neurologist, a doctor, a housewife, a college student and a high school student.

“It must be said how these companies allegedly use the names and faces of two highly respected actors. What’s worse is that my mother and Tita Caridad are already older than me!” Gutierrez said.

On the other hand, Babao, who had learned about the ad from a friend, was amazed that the company wanted to use two senior actors, who have now quietly moved their lives from bed.

“I knew immediately that it was a fraud because my mother does not even know about the fact, and the testimony attributed to her does not sound at all. My biggest sin is that Tita Gloria is captured and will sell my mom’s faith to other elders who are easily deceived by her false and fraudulent claims,” he said.

Gutierrez and Babao have announced that they will take legal action against the fraudulent online listings.

READ: The daughters of the oldest actress issue a statement on the evil trick

Andrew Sison, 17

Andrew Sison

Andrew Sison. Image: Instagram/@sparklegmaartistcenter

Emerging GMA teen artist Andrei Sison passed away at the age of 17 on April 17 after being involved in a car accident, which was confirmed by the talented GMA Artist Center Sparkle on Instagram.

“Sparkle GMA Artist Center is sad to announce the passing of one” [of its] teenm artists Andrei Sison, due to a car accident early this morning, said in a statement on March 24, “He was a member of the sparkling family, well-loved and much-loved.” “We will miss you, Andrey. Come now to God.”

One of Sison’s most notable appearances include a minor role in Mikhail Red Helmet’s flick “Dead Kids” in 2019.

READ: GMA artist Andrei Sison dies as a result of an accident

“What do you call a woman who invites her husband?”

John Estrada and his wife Priscilla Meirelles

Priscilla Meirelles, the wife of the actor John Estrada, incited fans after she dropped the cryptic idea of ​​”a woman who welcomes a married man” and also published a message urging her husband to “change” on social media.

The Brazilian beauty queen took to her Instagram account to ask her followers, “What” [do you call] a woman who receives [a] husband? The message has since been published but has been re-uploaded by networks on social media.

Prisca Meirelles

Image: Instagram/@primeirelles

Meirelles, who tied the knot with Estrada in 2011, then showed in a unique list of responses from the netizens, prompting how the vocabulary has increased with “new meaningful words” including “linta,” “makati,” “homewrecker” and “guest.” among others

Prisca Meirelles

Image: Instagram/@primeirelles

He also shared a post by Instagram user @thinkingmindspage that asks people to change into the person whose qualities they want as partners for their daughters. “Imagine you have a daughter. Imagine she is dating a guy you like. Aren’t you laughing? No? So change it,” he said.

Estrada, however, has yet to comment on this writing.

READ: Priscilla Meirelles answers the question: ‘What is a woman who invites her husband?’

To Liza sultrier

Liza Soberano via BJ Pascual.  Image from Instagram / @lizasoberano

Liza Soberano via BJ Pascual. Image from Instagram / @lizasoberano

Liza Soberano appears to be coming out of her shell, and she’s shedding a sweet, wholesome image in a photo that shows off a little bit of her body, which was posted on Instagram on April 1st.

Soberano once again dropped some of the talk when he posed for photos in what looked like a retro-inspired pose, captured by master lensman BJ Pascual. The shoot was seen in collaboration with luxury brand Gucci.

In the pictures, the actress wore a pink see-through mini dress over a black bandeau, her long legs encased in a pair of green snakeskin knee-high boots. He had a long, black necktie wrapped loosely around his neck. Her eyes were eagles overshadowing her bloodshot blue eyes, while her long hair was tied so that she looked like she was in her 60s. There was an abundance of vintage neon and salad.

The look was handled by stylist Patrick Perez and managed by Liz Uy, with hair and makeup by Robbie Pinera and Raimundo Santiago.

READ: LOOK: Liza Soberano gives off sultry vibes in retro-inspired photo shoot

Pokwang Lee O’Brian: court edition

Pokwang with one Atty.  Ralph Calisan.  Image: Instagram / @itspokwang27

Pokwang with one Atty. Ralph Calisan. Image: Instagram / @itspokwang27

Pokwang appeared to bring her domestic troubles with her estranged husband Lee O’Brian into custody and support for their daughter Malia, after securing a high-profile legal battle to represent her.

While he did not disclose that he wanted to file this case by name, Pokwang was in fighting form when he appeared in the offices of the law of Domingo Calinisan and Beron, whose public prosecutor Ralph Calinisan is a founding member, as seen on Instagram last March 28.

Calinisan is also the boyfriend of actress Aurora Chang, who Pokwang met during the 2022 presidential campaign of former Vice President Leni Robredo.

“Thank you atty. @ralph_calinisan [emojis] #tuloylanglabanparasakinabukasan. Hindi ako susuko para sayo anak @malia_obrian kung naistamako ko si comedit ng mag isa, mas lalo ako magsisipag at magigin matapang para sayo at sa inyo ng comedit mo”, he said. (Thank you, Atty. Radulfo Calinisan. I will fight for us in the poster continues. I will not give up for you, my daughter Malia. If I can raise my eldest daughter alone, I will continue to work and strengthen for you. and your older sister.) /ra

READ: Pokwang is drawn to a legal battle vs. Lee O’Brian, a high-profile lawyer taps


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