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ANGELS, April 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Article on Entrepreneur It encourages people to read about the outcome of circumstances, such as pandemics, recessions and wars. “Even though it’s not an easy way out of this funk, never stop listening to other people’s perspectives. By reading books on self-power and overcoming adversity, you can feel prepared to take on whatever the world has to throw at you. You… Sandra Cavanaugh’s Spontaneous Splendor explores effective ways of thinking, deciding, and acting with clarity and confidence, taking center stage. in his book All consumers want to succeed, John Paul of Carinci He brings a “new perspective and unbridled enthusiasm” to the process of training people in self-power, according to the Review’s introduction. The author states that each of us can achieve a lot; limited thought hinders man’s progress to happiness. And we all know that reading expands the mind!

BibliothecaBub, an industry first, was established in 2015. It is dedicated to creating strong, mutually beneficial connections between indie and small authors and the large network of libraries, working in conjunction with all major libraries. The central role of the LibraryBub service is to help librarians identify books called for by independent publishers. LibraryBub introduces thousands of librarians to publish books and earn money from independent publishing companies. These books hold the greatest power to enhance the lives of their readers. newbery laureate Jack Gloves recalls the formative skill of writing books in the library. “As a kid and a young writer, I was a bit of a library rat and hung out in my library all the time and I made friends with the librarian and other kids. I wrote about 20 books sitting in the Boston Public Library – all a. hands in the boxes. Librarians authors make that kind of difference in life people can do it, and the CEO of LibraryBub Alinka Rutkowska the privilege in that role is considered to be voting.

Below is this month’s selection from the category.


Literature & Fiction

The process of time by W. Royce Adams ISBN: 979-8986488509

Mystery & Thriller

None the wiser (Book One of the Detective Marcus Turpin Series Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum et Romanoriana Teubneriana ISBN:


Amish snow white (Book One of the Amish Fairytale Series) by Ashley Emma ISBN:

Amish Beauty and the Beast (Book Two of the Amish Fairytale series)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Junk Drawer on the edge of the universe by Steven Reed Johnson ISBN: 979-8581960813

A dangerous star (Book One of the Western Zodiac trilogy) by Alyssa Markins ISBN:


The colors of truth by Paula Paul ISBN:


Mia and Nattie: One Great Team! by Marlene M. Bell ISBN: 978-0999539446


Biographies & Memoirs

Happy Body: My Journey from Self-Hate to Self-Acceptance by Anne Poirier ISBN:


CyberSecurity Leadership Handbook for CISOs and CEOs by Jean-Christophe Gaillard ISBN:

Time Is Almost Everything: 12 Steps to Executive Success in Software Management by Roland Racko ISBN:

Health, Family & Lifestyle

Busy to diet: the best nutrition guide for busy people by James King Monica Joyce ISBN:

Religion & Spirituality

Bet on Red: Winning true peace, hope and happiness with one simple bet on red by Shawn Ward ISBN:

The Hidden Secrets of the Master’s Mind: How Can You Live Time With God? Apelous Poe ISBN: 979-8987380024

Science & Math

Advanced Lotto Rotation System by Joseph Z. Vlasic ISBN: 978-0648653035

self help

All consumers want to succeed by John Paul Carinci ISBN: 978-9381860311

The happiness of living by Sophie Bakken ISBN: 978-8195087464

Spontaneous brilliance: The greatest potential of your unique born talent by Sandra Cavanaugh ISBN: 979-8987577899

Greatness is in you: quotes and principles to succeed by John Paul Carinci ISBN:

Tom Lewis, the author of the solid content manual, LibraryBub recommends that self-publishing authors yield results and save time. She explains, “I had planned on spending weeks on an electronic press kit to market my books to libraries across the country, but I was so pleased to find LibraryBub, who promoted my book to libraries for me!” He adds, “Within the first week, LibraryBub kept my book visible to some 2,400 librarians. It also got my book listed in a release that was featured on CBS.”

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