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Spencer MacPherson as Xavier in ‘School Spirits’ season 1 part 6 (Photo Credit: Ed Araquel / Paramount+)

Although Paramount +’s A school for spirits Episode five begins with Maddie and Simon discovering a secret exit from the basement, episode six with a heated discussion about toys. Simon (Kristian Flores) told Maddie (Peyton List) that he was going to the dance with Wally. If Maddie was still alive, she wouldn’t be caught dead on the day of the game.

Maddie, understandably, wants to direct the conversation to her murder.

All of this is happening as Claire (Rainbow Wedell) and her henchmen chat about Xavier over lunch. Her girls don’t know that she and Xavier are dating, and Claire seems to find a way to make a public display of affection by replying to his text. She bumps into Xavier (Spencer Macpherson), agreeing to go home with him. (Remember Simon encouraged Xavier to ask Claire, thinking he was asking her for info on Maddie’s murder at the dance).

Xavier reports to Simon and Nicole (Kiara Pichardo) – and Maddie, although she doesn’t know it – with the news that Claire said so. They agree it’s time to bring Claire to work. Xavier has to get her to admit to blackmailing Anderson and wipe Maddie’s phone.

Xavier has to secretly read his confession on his phone, which means he’ll need to look at the distraction to get it to open. (That’s according to Maddie).

Later, Rhonda (Sarah Yarkin) and Maddie seem to go through the search engines looking for the perfect home dance outfits. Rhonda can’t believe Maddie is with Wally, and Maddie asks if they can sleep in the shadows. That’s a big positive, by Rhonda.

And my gosh I wish Rhonda was shocked to find out that Maddie was a dead virgin!

Claire suspects the reason why Xavier finally stopped wearing that mask. He plays it cool and says he misses it, which he seems almost convinced is true.

Meanwhile, Charley (Nick Pugliese) finally gets the letter to Mr. Figueroa and Maddie is amazed that he completed 16 pages front and back. Maddie suggests that she review the letter and explain in more detail what happened in 1994. Charley reluctantly agrees, recognizing that he really just wants to apologize.

Maddie reminds Charley that once he makes the note, he will have to forgive himself and live his death (because he can’t live his life, obviously).

Nicole confesses to Simon that she can’t find anything about the person who shot the video of Claire and Mr. Anderson looking at his metadata. She believes she should focus on the fact that Claire thinks Maddie shot the video.

A certain Xavier Claire plays him when he texts her a little shameless photo. He escapes, but Simon – and Maddie – won’t let him go.

The night of the big dance arrives and Maddie looks gorgeous in a dress she borrowed from a theater class, altered to fit by Aurora. Wally (Milo Manheim) looks incredibly handsome in a suit and is super nervous because he gives Maddie a wrist corsage with his football number – 57 – on it. Maddie’s overwhelmed and Wally stumbles through the explanation. Maddie admits it’s a sweet gesture and she also loves the paper flowers that she hand-made. (Damn, Wally girl I hate to see Maddie so much they don’t accept how much he is into her).

Claire volunteers to drive and when she arrives at Xavier’s, she delivers her father, Sheriff Baxter, who received $3,000 from her parents for his re-election. (Isn’t this sketchy at all?) He asks questions about the investigation into Maddie’s abduction, unaware that Xavier is eavesdropping.

Nicole and Simon arrive at the dance and Simon places a framed photo of Maddie in a prominent place. It will be a form of psychological torture for Claire – or anyone who knows what happened to Maddie.

Simon no longer finds it necessary to pretend he’s on the phone and talking to Maddie in the middle of the dance. They exchange flattery, which everyone looks on fervently, And Simon swears that he will dance for nothing. The only one out there is Operation Claire.

Simon Charley reviewed, much more briefly known and promises that he will give his attention to Mr. Figueroa. Maddie believes the letter will help Charley more than Simon can even imagine. He might even pass…which might happen to him if they find his killer.

He pointed out that Simon had never considered that possibility.

School Spirits Episode 6 Recap
Peyton List as Maddie and Milo Mannheim as Wally in ‘School Spirits’ season 1 episode 6 (Photo by Justine Yeung / Paramount +)

Wally brings Maddie on the dance floor and doesn’t care to insist that she can’t dance. He’s going to have a good time anyway.

For pictures after Simon and Nicole, and Maddie stars at Xavier in line with Claire in line. However, she did not focus solely on Xavier. It is also prefigured by Nicholas Xavier.

Xavier reminds Claire that Maddie’s backpack was found in her father’s empty house.

He makes a quick scene jump to check in with Maddie’s mom, Sandra (Maria Dizzia). He’s at home eating popcorn and watching an old movie when he hears a noise outside. He goes outside and calls out to Maddie, one of his daughters who is still alive.

Back at the dance floor, Charley surprises Wally by wearing sunglasses and dances on the floor. Charley’s enjoying Wally’s performance; and now singing and dance Principal Hartman also sings, Wally just slumped over completely unaware and holds a fake microphone to his mouth.

This is Wally’s night, and he is sure to enjoy every minute of the dance.

But this night Xavier was not until now. He’ll never be a good detective and it’s way more obvious while questioning Claire.

Xavier grabs Nicole and Simon for a quick refresher. She is a good liar and gets nothing out of it. Nicole thinks she’s going to resign, but Simon immediately shuts her down. He encourages Xavier to ask more questions, and they enter the line of questioning with a shout.

Xavier discusses what happened with Simone and will look into this for himself.

Maddie’s mother calls Simon but they don’t answer. Nicholas then calls and Nicole answers. Sandra heard someone in the backyard and believes it to be Maddie. Nicole promises that she will be right over.

After Nicole leaves, Simon delivers Mr. Figueroa’s note to Charley, claiming he found it in the library.

Maddie is distracted watching Xavier and Claire drink while Wally tries to explain that he defeated the king the night before his death. And he made it fair and square – not just the honor we post.

Xavier continues to work on Claire, kissing her neck and trying to convince her that he is all in their relationship. He suggests they go out, and Claire agrees.

Wally knows Maddie didn’t pay attention and thinks they shouldn’t have gotten to the dance together. “I don’t think you’re dead yet,” he said. (So ​​much so that Wally doesn’t feel up to watching Maddie.)

Maddie loses sight of Xavier and tries to track him down. Rhonda doesn’t help and tells Maddie that Wally’s special night was lost. Maddie failed to comment.

Mr. Figueroa sits outside, alone, reading Charley’s note.

Xavier and Claire make out in the boiler room until he notices that she’s on the phone. He asks if he thought he was going to confess to Maddie’s murder, and Xavier immediately asks if he did. He also asks if he destroyed Maddie’s phone.

Xavier shows Claire a video of himself and Mr. Anderson arguing and is shocked. He demands to know how he got it, and who else saw it. Xavier does not name names but confirms that they saw others.

Claire confesses that she figured Anderson was stealing and blackmailed him into better grades. She also admits that she took Maddie’s phone thinking she shot the video. He could not unlock it and gave it to Anderson. She tells Anderson to get off the phone and pay Maddie, but she denies hurting Maddie.

She has made big mistakes and is terrified because everything is in control.

Charley watches as Mr. Figueroa reads his note. Mr. Figueroa has tears streaming down his face and his hands are shaking as he holds the sign. Charles wipes his tears and smiles.

Maddie watches the two from afar until she is distracted by Xavier and Claire walking by.

School Spirits Season 1 Episode 6 Recap
Peyton List as Maddie, Rainbow Wedell as Claire, and Spencer MacPherson as Xavier in ‘School Spirits’ season 1 episode 6 (Photo Ed Araquel / Paramount+)

Claire is named Homecoming Queen and stands on stage, looking grim, as a tiara is placed on her head and flowers are handed to her.

Simon spots Xavier in the crowd and demands to know what is going on. Xavier teaches what he has been taught and is now certain that Claire will not hurt Maddie. Claire told her that Maddie had paid and then Maddie disappeared. Obviously, Simon – and Maddie – knows this isn’t true, but does Claire think?

Nicole arrives at Sandra’s place just before Xavier’s father, Sheriff Baxter, shows up with new information. He pains her to tell Sandra that they found what is likely a murder weapon (it looks like it’s crowned and has blood on it) outside the abandoned house where Maddie’s backpack is located. The instrument belongs to the school keeper, Mr. South, and he interrogates him while they talk.

Sheriff Baxter says Anderson told cops that Maddie had a lot of money on her and that’s probably why she was killed.

Sandra breaks down in tears.

Charley and Maddie sit at the far end of the stage and everyone watches, including Xavier and Claire, dancing. Charley admits to being a ghost sucker, especially when Maddie is forced to watch her from dancing with her ex-best friend. However, today I observed the love of his life almost an old, deep wound, thanks to him. He is ready to forgive her death and live, as she suggested.

Charley thinks he wants to follow his plan and maybe Wally should focus.

Speaking of #57, he put the singing grass outside. He joins and apologizes for wasting the night. Wally insists he’s fine but Maddie won’t let him. He pulls a kiss into what he intended to be a purpose that didn’t quite work out. They try again and this time it’s much more relaxed and more romantic than Maddie’s aggressive move.

They wander inside and overhear Maddie discussing her death. Simon runs over and listens to Principal Hartman explain the weapon he found tied to Mr. South.

Rhonda frantically searches for the bomb, but doesn’t put down whatever she’s trying to find.

Sandra breaks her sober promise and pours herself a drink.

The episode ends with Nicole, still in her home dress, alone in the rain. His highlights shine in the area where the murder weapon was located as he digs something up with a shovel that he had in the trunk of his car.

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