Sarasota County Competition Award Student Stories: Leo Jenkins

Two months after his father was arrested again, Leo Jenkins and his grandmother drove past the Stardust skating rink in Sarasota. Leo’s grandmother asked if he wanted to try roller skating and soon his six-year-old grandmother helped lace up a pair of rental skates.

Leo loved it around the rink and came back the next week. That day, he saw a member of the club doing exercises, rising in the air like an ice skater, landing, and rolling gracefully. Leo began imitating an older girl who noticed her interest and encouraged her to sign up for lessons. Since then, roller skating has been competitive.

Although Stardust is closing in 2018, Leo, a senior at Sarasota High School and recipient of the INTENT Award, is still skating — now at Astro Skate, in Bradenton. She still choreographs and practices new routines and still competes. “It’s a home game for me,” Leo said. “Nothing like being in the rink.”

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