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October 1, 2022 | 12:00 am

A statuesque, elegant and understated Sara Lahbati in all black greeted us this week as we saw her for the first time behind the scenes for her latest signature renewal with Luxe Skin.

Vlogger and entrepreneur Anna Mangkawas threw an event for Sarah coming out of full mom mode for a local tinseltown gathering. “It’s been so long. It’s great to see everyone again,” he said.

Sarah has been busy with mom Sion’s hands and recently sent Kai to face-to-face training.

“I just love being a mom. Syon is so good at soccer now,” she said. so everything is going really, really well.”

Sarah sees herself as a loving mom and mother-in-law, Tita Annabelle. “Tita Annabelle” he calls her because nasanay na ako. This is the Tita Anabelle of the Philippines, of all of us. She is happy though she supports her MIL and takes good care of her children too.

“Nako, ang mother-in-law ko always spoils the two boys, but she is great. Our kids love it, of course. whenever they are with them, pag-uwi nila napaka-hyper dahil kung anu-anong chocolate ang inipakain. She is very sweet and thoughtful. A bit of a spoiler.”

From Sion and Kai’s lunch groups to their games, Sarah is once again a hands-on mom and cheerleader. “Ang daming kailangan gawin with two boys dahil sa mga kailangan gawin, I’m always busy or running around,” he shared.

In addition to this, he still works on the part of the processing of bindings and handwritten notes.

“I’m a modern mom. I’m so hands-on and I work. I try to squeeze everything in and balance our schedules, ‘one top of all’. I’m proud of what I can do,” she said.

Sara’s Life is managed by Viva Entertainment and Annabelle Rama’s mother-in-law. The actress dropped several projects to focus on her family and she has nothing to do about it. ‘Nothing compares to being able to be there with the kids,’ says the hands-on mom to her two sons Sion and Kai with husband Richard Gutierrez.

Family photo from Sarah Lahbati’s Instagram

When you see Sarah, you don’t think she’s down and dirty with all her dancing, when she exudes such regal beauty on par with Hollywood stars and, in my humble opinion, is so underrated on the local show scene.

He also shared his concerns about his routine: “Even though I’m busy (I’m sure) I have time to work out in the morning. About my diet, on good days I have chicken or fish, mostly pescetarian, but thanks to diluted juices I can eat rice once in a while.

Her husband Richard Gutierrez is busy in the production of ABS-CBN’s Iron Heart alongside Maja Salvador in Cebu, but he will slow down the project next year. Sarah and Richard are hoping that baby number three can fit somewhere in the picture.

“I hope, it’s a girl. And hopefully, in another year. But you know, joking, while you’re healthy, no doubt,” he said.

Viva Entertainment and Tita Annabelle are handling Sarah’s career now and through the lockdowns, Sarah has turned several projects for her family and she has no doubts about it as it is about her the right choice.

“Nothing compares to being able to be with kids,” he said. “Kasi ang kinatatakutan ko ay ulama sila na busy ang both parents.”

Nothing is written in stone yet, but ALLTV is talking about what’s going on with her, Ruffa Gutierrez and Toni Gonzaga. There is something that Sarah is interested in on the line if she ever returns to bed.

“Morning show is okay. Hindi pa puwede ang series kasi can close in aba, he concluded.

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