Safe Harbor for Newborns welcomes 370th baby

For the past 22 years, Nick Silverio has supported Florida’s traditional baby set when he founded the non-profit, Safe Harbor for Newborns. The organization recently adopted the 370th child who was legally left in the arms of firefighters to care for a Florida fire station.

Firefighters kept both mother and baby safe, and the mother was given additional support and resources with her legal identity protected. That precious healthy baby was taken into a local hospital and will be placed in a loving, caring, forever family for adoption.

The Safe Harbor for Newborns program has not only rescued 370 babies in Florida, but also in other states and countries, but has helped more than 6,000 mothers in distress/need.

It also trained thousands of first responders, healthcare and frontline workers in the military on how to interact when a safe harbor event occurs, at no cost or obligation to anyone involved.

To learn more about this wonderful organization, visit www.asafehavenfornewborns.com.

On the topic of children and combatants, free CPR training was recently offered at the Coral Gables Women’s Clubhouse. The training, which included CPR for both adults and children, was coordinated by Coral Gables Firefighters CGWC’s Health and Wellness chair Teresa Gilmore. Word spreads and it seems other women’s clubs are joining in to take a refreshing course as well.

Speaking for the women’s club, the newest club in GFWC District 11, the Overtown Village Historic Woman’s Club, held its first district meeting at its new meeting place, the Black Police Precinct Courthouse and Museum.

Helena Tarbartt, president of the Northwest Woman’s Club, and Lavette Moore, president of the Woman’s Club of the Historic Overtown Club, hosted many other clubs, including the Coral Gables Woman’s Club, the Miami Woman’s Club and the Coconut Grove Club. District 11 Superintendent Virginia Yermoli thanked Lavette and her club members, who provided some wonderful home-baked treats, including delicious annual pies. After the meeting and raffle that raised nearly $200 for Camp Boggy Creek, the ladies headed up to the Courthouse for a tour and presentation by museum director Terrance Cribbs-L’orrant.

Cribbs-L’orrant has the opportunity to present the awards which will be an annual recognition of some of the amazing women in the Overtown community, each more important than the last. Those women honored were Carolyn Taylor-Pate, the first Black police and fire dispatcher in the City of Miami in 1966; Stephanie van Vark, founder of StephanieCrates; Anita Najiy, the first female assistant police chief for the city of Miami, and Karen Cartwright, an amazing community advocate.

In other news, Young Entrepreneurs, grades 3-10, have an amazing opportunity to participate in “Products with an End” at the fourth annual Young Entrepreneur Showcase on Saturday, May 20, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Miami International Mall. , founded by Leila Hilliard, who started her own business 10 years ago and wanted to inspire others to follow her lead.

With the help of Leila’s teachers and her parents, the Young Entrepreneurs Showcase grew from an idea to a reality to allow young kids to brainstorm, develop a business and bring it to the community. This event is free to the public, and you can support Young Entrepreneurs by following the event and shopping for businesses on the day. Registration is now open for any Kid Bosses from grades 3 to 10 who want to participate. All types of business are welcome and orders are encouraged. More than 40 businesses have participated in the Young Entrepreneurs Showcase year after year.

Join the fun as Kid Bosses display their creativity and sell their original products and services that have been sold for years. Participants are responsible for setting up their own booth, selling transactions, and interacting with customers. Great training for these young people. Kudos to Leila and her organization for helping produce a new generation of employees.

Next time, share your talents and make a difference.


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