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Look out, Kendra Scott. A Houston all star has unveiled a totally golden new jewelry line ready to dazzle smart shoppers.

Busy mom, wife, entrepreneur, CEO, celeb influencer, model, TV host, and CultureMap lifestyle columnistReagan Bregman has teamed up with local jewelers Shaftel Diamonds to debut With Love by Reagan Bregman, her new jewelry line now available for pre-sale at Shaftel Jewelers online.

As the name implies, With Love is full of love from Bregman, who coined the line’s brand as a literal signature. “It’s exactly how — if I’m giving something to someone — I would sign the card,” Bregman tells CultureMap, “and so that’s where the idea came from.”

From Reagan, with all the love

With Love by Reagan Bregman features 14 custom pieces crafted with 18-karat gold vermeil adorned with shimmering, natural white sapphire gems. The whole looks is classic meets modern, bold meets minimal — all with an effortless style designed by a fashionista who’s always on the go and constantly switches from casual to glam.

The always intentional Bregman worked with Danny and Iris Shaftel, whom she counts as friends and has known for years, for months on the line. “This is just the beginning of what’s to come,” Danny Shaftel, CEO of Shaftel Diamonds, noted in a press announcement. “Our partnership with Reagan felt like a natural and perfect fit from the start. We have known each other over the years and when this opportunity presented itself, we both decided to go all in – giving it our all.”

Golden glam — for everyone

Much like her Exiza athleisure line and her curated CultureMap favorite things list, Bregman ensured thatWith Love has something for everybody, with pricing ranging from accessible to high-end $100 to $1,000). An added bonus, Bregman designed pieces that are interchangeable, with customizable and removable pieces for endless looks.

Bregman pondered words and themes important to her when naming the items, hence pieces such as “Forever,” “Harmony,” “Loyalty,” “Commitment,” and “Unity.” A quick breakdown on the pieces:

  • The “Forever” paperclip necklace was named for a bond that never ends and for Bregman, the sapphires symbolize her family members. The piece features removable natural sapphires to create a personalized look.
  • “Twin Flame” is a bracelet with two chains, symbolizing two people from different paths coming together as one. (Perfect for a Houston power couple like Reagan and Alex, no?
  • Her “Unity” earrings were named for the interlocking hoop design and can be worn in several ways based on mood, vibe, or event.
  • Bregman designed the “Commitment” ring as a reminder of the commitment she makes to herself.
As the images reveal, the pieces are must-have. Shoppers can check out the entire With Love line in person during a grand reveal event on Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28 at Shaftel Diamonds (5706 San Felipe St.).

CultureMap caught up with the shining jewelry star so she could spill the tea on her new line, all the inspo, and talk Astros — natch.

CultureMap: Congratulations on the new line! We already knew you’re a rock star mom/wife/CEO/entrepreneur/influencer/TV host/model/columnist … whew, did I get everything?

Reagan Bregman: [Laughs] I think so!

CM: And now, jewelry star! You obviously have been posting progress for months on Instagram, but for many, this is a surprise. Have you always wanted to launch a jewelry line? Maybe as a sequel to Exiza?

RB: I never thought about a jewelry line to be honest, but I love jewelry and I love everyday jewelry. And so when I was approached by Danny and Iris Shaftel to do this line, it was an immediate yes, because I love everyday jewelry. I wear it all the time and I actually was in the market for something that was going to last me a little bit longer. I was ready to kind of invest a little more in my pieces when they reached out.

CM: Perfect timing.

RB: Yeah! So, it was never really like, ‘I’m gonna start a jewelry line.’ It kind of just came together. I’ve done businesses before, so for me, the fun part is also the business side of it. But this is the perfect collaboration, because I love the Shaftels and I love the people who work there — it’s family business. And, I just love jewelry [laughs].

CM: You and I have talked branding in the past — it’s important to you. You killed it with the Breaking Barriers line as your follow-up album to Exixa — you really put a lot of thought into that name. Tell me more about the name of this line.

RB: So a lot of the pieces that we made, I wanted them to be meaningful. And as you know I had a son last year, and so that was a really big moment in my life. I was very meaningful to me. And so the main thing I created for the collection is an abstract heart.

CM: And you clearly avoided the kinda cliché jewelry heart thing.

RB: I didn’t want to do a literal heart because I’ve seen that done a lot of time. So my own take on it is how it symbolizes how your heart grows in so many ways, you could never imagine. And so when I had my son, that happened, and there’s other things in life where that happens, a you-didn’t-know-you-had-it-in-you kind of thing. That’s what the meaning is.

CM: I’m not getting verklempt, that’s just dust in my eye.

RB: [Laughs] And so I had already come up with that idea prior to naming. And so, when we were going through names, we were thinking kind of almost, ‘how I would sign my name [on it]?’ And since it’s such a personal collection, we did With by Love Reagan Bregman.

CM: It’s literally a signature line.

RB: Exactly. If I’m giving something to someone, how I would sign it? That’s where the idea came from.

CM: You’ve always been intentional in development. Apart from the beautiful heart for Little Knox and those kind of moments, did you craft pieces that you would want to give — or get — as gifts? Like, ‘Okay, this is what I would want to get my mom,’ or ‘This is what I would want Alex to get me,’ (sorry, Alex!)?

RB: Yeah! That’s exactly what the inspiration was. A lot of it is what I would love to be gifted or I would love to give to my friends, and the idea too is getting people something that will last, right? So that’s why this is an elevated collection. They’re natural sapphires — not from a lab anything, a real gemstone — and 18-karat gold with a better plating. I’ve learned a lot about jewelry, especially sapphires, and now even as a consumer, I’m looking for that stuff because it’s awesome.

So, whenever you’re gifting it, I feel like it’s something you’re giving something that’s going to last a really long time, versus temporary. If I’m gonna give something to a friend for her wedding, I want it to be elevated and memorable.

CM: So I gotta ask, with all these customizable and removable pieces and gemstones, can you do Astros colors?

RB: Yeah! Something else I wanted to tell you is that we are going to do more collections in the future, and the idea is to do game day jewelry.

CM: Daaaang. Time to start shopping for my wife.

RB: Right? So, say you wanted Astros orange, or you’re an LSU fan and you want purple, or an A&M fan and you want maroon, it would be maroons sapphires — and you just interchange it. So that’s where the line is going.

CM: Ah, so purple and gold for Alex…

RB: And my Mom. He went to LSU, so did my Mom and Dad. And I went to A&M — I could do maroon!

CM:You famously told Alex to ‘go get some hits’ when you were literally about to have Baby Knox. Dude even hit a home run for your birthday. Do you have a bold playoff prediction for us?’

RB: I’m not trying to go to Game 5. I’m trying to win in three!


Pre-shop With Love by Reagan Bregman nowonline or in person at the grand reveal event on Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28 at Shaftel Diamonds (5706 San Felipe St.).

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