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Deacon Frank Pasquale – Introduction of special guests and dignitaries

Congressman Langworthy is represented by special assistant Sharon Murphy and Senator Borrello is represented by John Eberth

Congressman Joe Giglio is represented by Joe Sempolinski

Sheriff Rick Whitney, Legislator Adam Cyr, Legislator Phil Stockin were in attendancence

of Cicirello, Sheriff Scott;

Thank you all for tonight. The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office’s annual awards ceremony is meant to recognize our staff who have gone above and beyond in their roles. The judges who won tonight demonstrated a job of excellence and a level of dedication that should be recognized and rewarded.

Before we begin to present the awards, I want to speak to the families of those honored tonight. Being is not easy. For it is really hard. Often holidays, special occasions, baseball games and sports recitals are missed by this profession. Crazy long hours, last minute errands – all this is hard on the family. All of your men and women’s families deserve to be recognized tonight for your sacrifices and support. So I want to give you a hearty round of applause, because without you nothing can be done.

As we begin to hand out the awards, I want to direct you to the program. In addition to the plaque and certificate that each member will receive, there will be a pin that will be worn in uniform. On the right side of the program you will see what the pins look like and what the rewards represent. These pins are a great source of pride and will be prominently displayed in uniform. Likewise, for each award, a large plaque will be placed in the public health complex, where each award winner will be listed each year that is awarded. So every night tonight will be part of the history of the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office for generations to come.

Awards tonight are based solely on names submitted by Sheriff’s Office Employees with minimal input from administrative staff. The winners of these awards were actually given these awards by their co-workers, because I believe they are much more important.

The first is tonight to be considered for Corrections Officer of the Year. This person has been with our office for over 23 years. She is a fixture on our intake desk and communicates daily with all the courts, credit and DOCCS—all of which, in turn, informs me that she is doing an excellent job. It also takes time to train new members. She also has a “heart of gold” and is the first to step in to help when a co-worker is in need. Her attention to detail is impeccable, and the example she sets for her assistants is representative of the person she is and the correction she is. I personally have great confidence in his knowledge and experience. I am delighted to present this gift to Holly Herdman. Go up the holly, please.

The next consideration is Deputy of the Year. He has been with our office since 2012. This person does everything for the sheriff’s office. He works in the prison, he works the road, he does investigations, the crimes of the prison are detected. He himself Whenever he needs help with something, he is the first to say so and jump in to help. He is respected among his colleagues and always strives to perform the best in each job. I appreciate his dedication. I am delighted to present this award to Deputy Thomas Dale. Please come up.

The next award is for Emergency Services Dispatcher of the Year. Being in ESD is a difficult job. They are on the front lines when things get bigger. They are the ones who work to help people, whether it’s fire or EMS. What makes their job even more difficult is that they stay on the line and help people through critical situations. Some of these incidents are both horrifying and traumatic. On April 11, 2022, the 911 Center received a report of a house fire on the state line of Genesee, PA. The caller was reporting that five children were trapped in the house, which was fully involved in the fire. The caller also reported that his children were arrested at home. Emergency Services Dispatchers Tony Perkins, Connie Case, and Penny Chamberlain began sending first aid equipment to the scene while maintaining contact with the mother who made the 911 call. As the fire was launched and spread, our letters were submitted one by one. During this time our dispatchers remained calm and did everything in their power to get help to the scene as quickly as possible. Until five children perished in the fire. ESDs Chamberlain, Case, and Perkins took on the most difficult task before us, and they did so with dignity, professionalism, and courtesy. I am honored to present this ESD award to Tony Perkins, Connie Case, and Penny Camerario. Please come.

The next consideration is for Supervisor of the Year. This sergeant has been with our office since 2007. He is a corrections sergeant, but he also works as a police officer and works for local PDs in his spare time. He is described by the book as a sergeant who truly cares about his job and the sheriff’s office. He pushes his subjects to do more than the minimum expected. he leads by example and holds all to the same standard. it is equal and constant. He gets to know the work firsthand from his employees and inspires those around him. Not only a leader in the platoon, he helps manage many tasks above and beyond the A-line. It is clear that the members of the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office hold you in high regard. This award goes to Sergeant Craig Cornell. Please come.

The next prize is excellence in training. Here he constantly moved to provide a high level of training for each member of the Sheriff. He teaches at our corrections academy and arranges for all the other teachers. He manages and ensures that all our training is done according to the established state. He is also responsible for the partnership we now have with St. Bonaventure University where the corrections academy is part of its curriculum. He is consistent and I trust him every day because of his knowledge and experience in many countries. Since our dedication to the establishment of our office, we have become an assistant throughout Western NY to provide assistance to multiple law enforcement agencies throughout the state. He also runs our Peer Support Program which he does in partnership with the Probation Department.

I can’t say enough about this service. Craig Plaisted please step up to this award.

The next award is for Field Customer Service of the Year. This FTO went above and beyond in his role. he took recruits without further complaint. His and DOR’s reports are professional and well written. He takes the time to develop modules to our standards and encourages all trainees to continue their learning and training even when they are not working at all. He leads by example and is kept

tall men The FTO position is critical to the future success of our organization. Danielle Baldwin deserved this award. Thank you for all your hard work. Please come.

The next consideration is for the Civilian Employee Anniversary. This person is our civil secretary, but serves us in many other places. When needed, he jumps in to help with the charges, allows the pistol, arranges – he does it all. Which he does without being asked. She is a team player and one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. Her dedication to our service is recognized by all of us who work with her. Kelly Cumpston, you deserve this award. Please come.

The next award is lifesaving. On September 2, 2022, Sheriff’s officials were alerted to an EMS call of a man down and unconscious in the first parking lot of a county building. Deputy Guy Middaugh responded with other office staff. When he came, it appeared that this man was suffering from opium. With the victim’s condition deteriorating, Deputy Middaugh administered several doses of Narcan until the subject regained consciousness. The man made a full recovery. Had it not been for the fast response and recognition of the drug overdose incident, this victim would likely have lost her life. This advice goes to Guy Middaugh. He is on vacation with his family and cannot be here this evening.

The final award will be the Sheriff Rick Whitney’s Outstanding Service Award. Please come to the sheriff to present this. As you all know, Sheriff Whitney gave his 47th year of life to law enforcement. His dedication belongs to the profession by which all others will be judged. This award goes to a Deputy who has served Allegany County for over 30 years. He also served as a police officer in several local police departments. I had the pleasure of working with her in the 1990s while traversing the streets of downtown Cuba. She is religious and hardworking. His experience and knowledge is a constant asset to me and others on our administrative team. She is highly respected among her peers and all law enforcement throughout the County. You can see Power in action at the county Office building working the DWI patrol or around Rushford or Cuba Lake doing boating. His dedication and professionalism is unparalleled. As he approaches the twilight of his law career and nears retirement, I want to take the time to let him know how much he is valued, and I have the respect for him. He had a huge impact on this job. The first ever Sheriff Rick Whitney Exceptional Service Award goes to Deputy Charles Bigelow. Please come.

Blessing – Frank Pasquale

This concludes our ceremony this evening. All the winners of the contest stay behind with your families for some additional photos. Everyone else is invited to join us for some refreshments in the dining room.

Thank you to everyone who made tonight happen.

On April 4, 2023, the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office held an awards ceremony in the Genesee Valley School Auditorium. The award is meant to recognize our staff who have gone above and beyond in their roles. The judges who won tonight demonstrated a job of excellence and a level of dedication that should be recognized and rewarded.

These are among the recipients of praise;

Corrections Officer of the Year – Holly Herdman

Deputy of the Year – Dale Thomas

Supervisor of the year – Warden Craig Cornell

Emergency Services Dispatcher of the Year – Connie Case, Tony Perkins, Penny Chamberlain

Excellence in training – Sgt. Craig Plaisted Life Saving Award – Deputy Guy Middaugh

Sheriff Rick Whitney Exceptional Service Award – Deputy Carol Bigelow Civilian Employee of the Year – Kelly Cumpston

Field Training Officer of the Year – Deputy Danielle Baldwin

Congratulations to the award winners and we thank everyone for their dedicated service to this County

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