Rachel Brosnahan Gets Teary Over ‘Maisel’ Ending: “She’s Changed in Ways I’ve Probably Seen in the Longest Time” – Hollywood Reporter

My life changed when Rachel Brosnahan walked into it. I will never be the same. ”

That’s how The wonderful Mrs. Maisel Founder Amy Sherman-Palladino said goodbye on Tuesday in advance of the launch of the upcoming fifth and final season of the Emmy Award-winning series Prime Video on April 14. Later that day, Sherman-Palladino joined. Maisel supporter and husband Daniel Palladino, and roommates at a special PaleyFest event at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater. Speaking with Hollywood actor on the red carpet, Sherman-Palladino took a moment to remember.

“We were reading so many people, and then Jeanie Bacharach, who cast the pilot, said that there was a girl who had nothing in her rehearsal, which could make you believe that she had not done any comedy,” explained Sherman-Palladins. “But Jeanie said, ‘I just feel in my gut that Rachel Brosnahan can do this.'” We repeated her resume – we know her from house of chest they bound the girl and threw her into the ditch and said: “Is she a girl? As she will be.” cheerful?’ They say to him: Of course believe us. So we did, and Rachel entered. She was the first girl to take that microphone and lean into it. At once I said, It is a girl. wow She is a girl.’ He went in and walked and that was it.

With it, Brosnahan landed the role of Miriam “Midge” Maisel, a woman who finds the courage and love to sustain herself after her husband leaves her and their children. Brosnahan’s life has also changed, and it will never be the same after the opportunity to play Midge over these five seasons, which has earned critical acclaim for her role and almost all the hardware Hollywood has to offer, from Emmys to multiple SAG and Golden Globe nominations.

Brosnahan was on hand Tuesday night with Palladinos and castmates Alex Borstein, Tony Shalhoub, Caroline Aaron and Michael Zegen for the panel he moderated. THR contributing editor Stacey Wilson Hunt. The actress almost made it to the end of the press line but it wasn’t until she shared a few minutes THR that crying destroyed what he was trying to explain Maisel just go to it.

“It changed my life,” he confirmed as he dug out his eyes. “The customer has changed for me because I probably won’t find it for a long time. I obtained a second, third, and fourth family from this experience. In this process, I was cared for, relieved and loved in ways I could never imagine you could experience at work. I learned to trust myself in ways that I don’t head on this show. I learned to be braver in the study of the coward. I grew up on this show. ”

It is also made author. Brosnahan launched Scrap Painting, a company that has a great deal with Amazon and has delivered the feature so far I am your woman and in developing Lois & Varga, a limited series for the streamer based on a short story by Lisa Taddeo with Brosnahan on board to produce and star. He credits Palladinos with giving him “a front row seat to watching the biggest producers in the business” five times.

“They are the ones who raised the sailors and sailors and took care of them as both men and players.” They are the producers who have raised the bar for themselves and for everyone over the years. I gained an appreciation of all I know about how the sausage is made from being close to them, but also because they invited me into the process in the first place.

while Maisel At the end of a five-season road trip over eight years, Palladinos said he hopes to jump back in the car with Brosnahan and company as soon as possible. “We would like to work with any of these people, or in Maisel thing or notMaisel because you are so great,” Palladino concluded, leaving the door open for future projects. “They are so different in their talents, and the sense is that we will work with them a lot in the next eight years – then we will expire again in another eight years.”

Sherman-Palladino was more obtuse. “I hate that it ends here. I hate, hate, hate. It’s horrible and horrible,” he said. “Because I love them so much, and seeing them tonight, I want to capture a lot – for unnecessary and random reasons.”

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