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Jereka R. Thomas-Hockaday and . Dr Queer Eye‘s Tan France in season 6 episode 6 of the show? (Photo by Ilana Panich-Linsman / Netflix)

for months after Queer EyeAugustine’s writer about the time later 2021, Dr. Jereka Thomas Hockaday contemporary clinic; Central Texas Allied Health Institutetheir moment in the spotlight. glowing he The profile described the deep work CTAHI was doing in the community, distributing COVID vaccines and testing through contracts with Austin Public Health and Economic Development. he It should also be noted that APH has terminated its contract with CTAHI, despite providing a statement that they “believe their work is critical to building a diverse, locally-sourced health workforce.”

“I don’t know how you can make an invoice, and add details to make it look like that, and call it a mistake. Someone is sitting on CTAHI and reading a pdf.’ – Brian Molloy, auditor’s office investigator

The scope of this work has been called into question Office City Auditor released the report The last month’s findings between December 2020 and September 2021, CTAHI is distorted $1.1 million in financial matters to APH, reporting vaccinations and hiring workers to falsify goods and signatures. CTAHI was paid $2.8 million from contracts, $417,000 from fraud. After APH’s investigation, CTAHI conducted its own investigation and agreed to pay APH $375,000 in June 2022; as of March 2023, they had just returned $12,500. CTAHI Mikal Williams said to the general counsel Chronicle $68,000 in late monthly payments.

CTAHI’s response to the audit denies any intentional fraud and attributes the discrepancies “100% [to] APH’s inadequate control and improper “billing”, and simple mistakes that result from circumstances, such as Thomas-Hockaday filling in for a co-founder. Todd Hamilton while striking. Brian Molloythe investigator of the auditor’s office, says “No one makes any of this sense with the evidence found. I don’t know how you can make an invoice, and add details, so that it was done like that, and I call. It’s wrong. Someone is sitting in CTAHI and buying PDFs.”

By comparing CTAHI data with APH and vaccination status records, the audit found that CTAHI exceeded vaccination rates by 20%-30%. Over 1,000 vaccines were reported on one day on June 5, 2021, although internal records confirmed only 59, and “witnesses with knowledge of vaccine operations” reported to an audience of 1,000 per day beyond their capacity. CTAHI disputes this, says the auditor’s job was unfairly fixed for one day, and blames “broken employees who were fired” for falsifying records. One worker in question, as a movement towards a mandatory return to work in July 2021; Molloy says CTAHI began submitting falsified documents in 2020, “so blaming him doesn’t add to this person.”

The auditor’s office also received allegations that Hamilton withheld $30,000 to $60,000 from CTAHI, although CTAHI denies this and the auditor could not confirm this. In a written statement, CTAHI denies any intentional fraud or reckless activity, and Thomas-Hockaday writes: “This process not only frustrates, but has caused irreparable damage to our name and reputation. … There is a long documented history of the City of Austin having problems working with a small number of contractors. and then blame the mistakes in the execution against the employers themselves…. I was told by several leaders who worked before the city that I should not accept this contract, but I could clearly think that the differences because of the pandemic.

“There was no Nisl CTAHI,” Molloy counters. “In fact, they wanted to overthrow CTAHI at the city and they wanted to work on this. They had a great mission, they were part of the community but they wanted to reach APH. This fell apart because of the actions of CTAHI.” complaints do not increase as the workers returned to work. Nationally, the Department of Justice billions from the reported misuse of pandemic dollars. APH, mentioned in response to the audit of that understanding and the cases of the pandemic have contributed to contract monitors with greater efforts and less oversight, and Molloy the auditor says that the analysis of the analysis of APH’s writings of other sellers will develop in this light. The report notes that the new process for contract managers to verify expenses will be implemented on August 1 of this year.

The Austin Police Department is investigating CTAHI fraud, and the Department “remains in conversation with other departments regarding appropriate next steps,” CTAHI should fully back APH.

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