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  1. What does e-mail mean? How did this development in e-commerce come about?

“Mandi” means a large market and exists mainly in the plain of the village. It has traditionally been controlled by a few large retailers who have also been in a position to dictate prices and terms and conditions. The advent of technology in the forage space has opened up new opportunities for farmers. Indian Government in 2016 National Agricultural Market (eNAM) and today thousands of mandis are associated with it; I am opening a single market for farmers across India. We at You Care Lifestyle wanted to be part of this movement two years ago, to bring together the best nutritional and chemical-free products with farmers who work ethically with audiences across the globe.

  1. Is this a trend to get leadership in three 2 and 3 cities with 1 cities?

The desire for power and greater awareness of health and prosperity has certainly grown in smaller towns. The demand for and access to organic and healthy products across the country is greater than ever. Lean technologies and the necessary infrastructure will increase e-commerce in tier 2 and 3 cities. Thousands of new rural mandis are already connected to the centralized portal and a stronger implementation is possible in the near future. There are farmers from different states doing fantastic work in increasing the quality of organic produce and e-commerce as Tu Care lifestyle acts as a bridge connecting them directly to consumers.

  1. What are the five customer centric trends that may be in the next 5 years?

Competition in any business is fiercer than ever before, so companies that adopt customer-centric practices will be sure to be a step ahead of those that stick to the traditional way. The biggest customer centric trend has started with companies adopting the best service and customer forward approach. Companies will have more than ever with a 360-degree view of customers in the quest to win new customers and retain existing customers. The focus is increasingly on entertaining experiences and winning customer loyalty. Artificial Intelligence, data, and personalization will be used to provide marketing technology platforms with better analysis of future markets and customer requirements.

  1. Will the organic food label clean up the aisle and dominate this space? Comment.

With the advent of e-commerce, farmers are connecting directly with their consumers. The digitization of agriculture allows farmers across the country to show their quality and organic products to people living in every corner of the country. The increased exposure and availability of organic and nutritional farm produce is a change in the eating habits of consumers. Within a year of the launch of our digital marketplace, You Care Lifestyle, we saw a 35 percent audience return, which is an indication that awareness and demand for organic and healthy options has gained importance and will increase in the coming years.

  1. Will it also support the farmers for the introduction of fine trade to this segment?

E-Mandis increases the pool of buyers for the farmer’s produce. Instead of only local traders in the farmer’s market, the farmer can theoretically buy and sell with the whole land. These prices are better because farmers sell more to people; and corrupt merchants cannot use the farmers. Removing the middle man, as we have at You Care Lifestyle, also ensures that there is no compromise in the quality of the goods. It is transparent in the whole process that farmers can see all the prices across the electronic market. E-marketing benefits buyers as the platform typically reduces the cost of searching for sellers.

  1. What are the technological innovations that help to boost this segment (e-ordering)?

Mobile applications, GPS support and smart devices are some of the ways in which farmers are finding support in making Indian farming technology savvy. Digital marketing is one of the biggest ways in which the digitalization of agriculture is making a difference. Crossing local borders, farmers sell their produce at high prices. The removal of the middle man allows farmers to have direct access to consumers, regardless of location. Slowly, but surely, the customer is increasing the system and profit.

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