PPR Capital Management Featured in the Financial Times’ Index of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the Americas

The Financial Times has recognized PPR Capital Management as one of the fastest-growing businesses in America

BERWYN, PA / ACCESSWIRE / April 7, 2023 / PPR Capital Management (“PPR”), a leading private equity real estate fund manager, is one of the nominees America’s Fastest Growing Business by the Financial Times. Notably, PPR was the 11th company in the fastest growing Real Estate company list. With a seasoned team and proven investment strategy, PPR has provided investors with consistent returns and peace of mind for fifteen years. With decades of industry experience and the management of financial-based portfolios, PPR is believed to provide above-average risk-adjusted returns with its investor successes in mind.

One of PPR’s technical strategies and key to its growth is Brand Research Real Estate, which has been the cornerstone of the investment approach since the firm’s inception in 2007. PPR specializes in non-performing brands, which are real credit brands. They were bought through government auctions and fund transactions.

“We are incredibly proud of the dedicated people and foundation we have built on the firm over fifteen years. The Real Estate Brand investment strategy has been a significant part of the investment approach since the firm was founded,” he said. Steve Meyer, Chief Executive Officer of PPR Capital Management. “We have an intimate understanding of the non-performing loan market, and we use our expertise to identify key investment opportunities that provide reliable sources of income.”

In addition to his Real Estate Note Investing strategy, PPR Capital Management also invests in commercial real estate. The firm uses its experience and extensive network to identify and partner with proven sponsors and brands with a demonstrable track record.

“We choose asset classes in the commercial space that have long-term profitable demand characteristics, such as Class B or Housing provided in areas with favorable long-term fundamentals,” he said. Dave Van Horn, Founder, and Executive Chairman of the Board of PPR Capital Management.

“It’s our approach” investing in commercial real estate is focused on identifying unique investment opportunities that align with our investment strategy,” added Meyer. “We focus on properties that have the potential to generate positive long-term returns, and we work closely with trusted sponsors and partners as our investment. are aligned with our investment objectives, as well as positively impacting local communities.

“As we look to the future, we remain committed to delivering exceptional results to our investors and partners and are an integral part of building their assets,” continued Meyer. We look forward to building our status as one of America’s Fastest Growing Businesses.”

For more information about PPR Capital Management and its investment strategies, please visit their website at https://pprcapitalmgmt.com.

About PPR Capital Management

PPR Capital Management is a private investment firm specializing in institutional mortgage brands and commercial real estate. Since 2007, PPR’s expert team has provided investors with access to an investment fund with large size, high quality assets, and financial-based portfolio management. Adhering to a solid set of core values, PPR’s mission is to deliver passive income aligned with the betterment of the nation’s communities.

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