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He arrived at the Sports Games in Milwaukee.

The Potawatomi Casino Hotel opened its first games of betting operation on Friday morning with 20 self-service kiosks, open 24 hours a day, for players to place bets.

The kiosks are located in two separate areas of the casino property.

Potawatomi Casino Hotel sportsbook area. Photo by Rich Rovito

One store is located in the temporary sportsbook location of the former Fire Pit Sports Bar & Grill, which now features 30 high-definition televisions on the day’s biggest sports events, a full bar and a new menu.

A second set of kiosks is located on the second level of the property above the skywalk.

The tables of both places are different. The Potawatomi offer 20-minute designated parking in the structure for placing bets. All bets must be placed on site.

“We’ve been waiting for this day since I got here,” said Potawatomi Casinos and Hotels CEO Dominic Ortiz. “All the surrounding cities have made sports betting and we wanted to be a part of that for all our guests. We couldn’t be more excited to bring this to the city and the entire region.”


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The plan was to have a temporary sportsbook operation up and running from the start of the Major League Baseball season, which he acquired on Thursday, and before the Milwaukee Bucks playoff games, Ortiz said.

Potawatomi’s first sportsbook operation is led by Justin Arnett, who has 14 years of experience in the sports betting industry. Arnett has previously worked at several popular Las Vegas properties, including the 1000 Resort, the Venice-Palazzo and the Cosmopolitan. He successfully opened three other new players at the same time and spent time on digital operations and risk management on the betting side of the players.

The betting odds are shown on the Potawatomi Casino Hotel sportsbook screen on Friday. Photo by Rich Rovito

Construction on the permanent sportsbook, located in the former Northern Lights Theater, is expected to begin soon. The D-seat Northern Lights Theater closed in January after 23 years in operation.

The construction comes from ongoing games during the Potawatomi Casino Hotel’s $100 million renovation in the second phase, which is expected to be completed in the summer and fall.

“We have a ton of great entertainment in this city. Enjoy competitive sports, performing arts and outdoor recreation, said Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson. “Today there is a new addition to the entertainment scene. It’s a big deal. Sportsbook is an addition that I know will be popular, providing another reason to visit the Menomonee Valley.

Major had the honor of placing the first bet in a sportsbook, placing $20 on the Bucks to win the NBA championship – with a $70 payday if they raise another sign on the Fiserv Market.

“I’m honest and I’m not an expert in sports betting, but I have confidence,” Johnson said. “I have confidence in Milwaukee. I have confidence in our home team. I have confidence in the Milwaukee Bucks and that’s why I’m the first bet for my position and the future of our Milwaukee Bucks.”



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