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With blockchain gaming activity, DApps are increasingly playing a part in blockchains, with the likes of Polygon and Cera appealing to developers with low gas fees and driving down the cost of mining NFTs. Not to be outdone, Solana has recently gone with a new upgrade that is available for a fraction of the previous price.

As the blockchain game matures, the various underlying technologies that enable space compete for a piece of the action.

Polygon sees Rise in Action

Thanks to a 53% monthly increase in daily wallet users active in the gaming space, in March. Polygon has overtaken Hive to become the second most popular gambling chain after Ceram, according to DappRadar announced.

Analysis shows that wax still dominates the space in terms of wallet activity. With the growing blockchain blockchain of all DApp activity, Polygon’s success points to increased competition in the space.

Source chart: dappradar

But what exactly is pulling the plug on gaming to certain platforms?

First of all, the ability to scale easily and without scruple in hefty transaction fees is critical. Game developers looking for rich smart contract functionality and extensive transaction processing capabilities have found a welcome home in the ecosystems built on Cera and Polygon and their protocols.

While deploying ERC721 tokens directly to the Ethereum Mainnet, it has proven popular in digital technology. For example, the associated gas fees make such a solution inappropriate for the mining NFTs mining applications generally required by casinos.

For the mint’s ability to issue large batches of tokens at once without having to pay the bank’s payments, it was allowed to shine alternatively.

Of course in terms of reducing deployment costs and increasing scalability. It wasn’t just sports-friendly clubs like Cera that were busy. In recent years, some cloud solutions like Solana have caught the attention of developers of all kinds.

Solana Introduces an Efficient NFT Minting Mechanism

In addition, in a move that is likely to appeal to the impediment of emerging gambling enterprises, on Thursday the Solana Foundation announced the introduction of public compression. A new, more efficient way to store data on-chain.

Since Merkle Trees are used, a type of data structure that allows fast and secure verification across large datasets, state compression has some important implications for the way NFTs are mined and stored in the Solana blockchain.

The latest upgrade will have a dramatic impact on new data mining. Because it gives a more compression friendly data structure. Solana says compressed NFTs are 2,400-24,000x cheaper than their uncompressed counterparts. This will allow hundreds of thousands of coins for less than 50 SOL.

Based on cost data taken on April 5, the Solana Foundation shows that the cost of creating new compressed NFTs is now cheaper than using Ethereum at scale. In fact, public pressure makes the cost to Solana developers more comparable to using Polygon. It is also significantly cheaper when batch-mining on a scale of millions.

Solana (SOL) NFT Minting Costs upgrade
Total Cost of Minting 1M NFTs. fountain: Solarium

There may not be many hunters who are interested in the underlying technology of any sport. This includes necessary fees, and an expensive story could have a detrimental impact on its user base.

As such, technical developments that make new in-game products and features on a more affordable scale are an attractive proposition.


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