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On the evening of April 6th in advance of “National PET DAY” (April 11th), the Founder/President of the Hollywood Museum, Donelle Dadigan, presented a tribute to the animals in action.

Many of these fan favorites are known by just one name: Lassie, Flipper, Cheeta, Trigger, Bengie, Pyewacket, Tramp or Old Yeller, Rin Tin Tin, Spuds MacKenzie, Morris the Cat, Ben Ben and many more. They also feature celebrated characters and personal care (listed below), as well as the critically acclaimed book “In Good Company” (Briton Publishers) by author/photographer, Johanna Siegman, which includes many characters with their furry loved ones.

Tribute speakers included Donelle Dadigan (Founder/President of the Hollywood Museum), Ed Begley Jr. , Barry Livingston (My Three Sons/Notorious Nick), Johanna Siegmann (Photographer/Author of “In Good Company”), Liza Asner (Ed Asner’s Daughter), Elaine Ballace (Rich and Ruthless), Erin Murphy (Bewitched), and JoAnne Worley (LaughIn/Actors and Others for Animals).

Among those personalities in attendance were furry friends and family, Jerry Mathers (Leave it to Beaver), Kathy Garver (Family Matters), Alice Amter (Big Bang Theory), Kate Linder (Y&R), Darcy Donovan (Modern Family), Tyrone DuBose (Unsung), Darby Hinton (Daniel Boone), Geoffrey Mark (Best Author), Diana Lansleen (Y&R / Days of our Lives), Kathy Kolla (Plastic Dreams), Jax Malcolm (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Meredith Thomas (Expecting Joneses), Natasha Blasick (Paul T Goldman), Conner Dean (911), Vanessa Angel (Super Genius Babies), Lauren Samuels (West End Star), Mandy Fason (Simon Love) and more

Celebrity show participants include a who’s who of stage and screen talent, Chita Rivera, Liz Abbott, Caroline Beck, Ed Begley Jr., Adrienne Barbeau, Stanley Livingston, Barry Livingston, Peter Marshall, Jon Provost, June Lockhart, Judy Norton, Adam Schiff, Erin Murphy, Michael Docta, Lydia Cornell, Alice Amter, Joan Van Ark, Stefanie Powers, Linda Purl, Jerry Mathers, Ann Walker, Lee Purcell, Bruce Davison, Donna Mills, Rebecca Wisocky, Michael Feinstein, Loretta Swit, JoAnne Worley , Ruta Lee, Diana Lansleen, Geri Iuello, George Chakiris, JoAnne Worley, Dee Wallace, Darby Hinton, Alison Arngrim, Carolyn Hennesy, Gabrielle Stone, Julie Newmar, Michael Learned, Toni Tennille, Garrett Bennet, Darcy Donovan, Steven Wishnoff, Raissa Katona Bennet, Brad Pitt, George & Erin Pennacchio, Jenny Bilfield, Carlos Carrasco, Laura Cohen, Michael & Tom d’Angora, Patricia de Leon, Kathy Garver, Jax Malcom, David Dubinsky, Danielle Eskinazi, Lorraine Feather, Paula Ficara, Roslyn Kind, Frances Fisher, Heather Frank, Justin Frank, Joel Friedman, Tracey Gluck, Gina Hecht, Katie Hoff, Richard Karn, Ron King, David Koz, Norman Lear, Tanya Moss, Lu Parker, Bill Peterson, Areadio Poveda, Meredith Thomas Elaine Ballace, Gretchen Reinhagen, Allan Rich, Claudia Russell, Alex Rybeck, Arturo Sandoval, David Scharf, Mark Schiff, Dave Scott, Columbus Short, Jackie Speier, Molly Stern, Gabrielle Stone, Gene Stone, Tierney Sutton, Eric Swalwell, Gregory Toorian, Steve Wastell, Green Wells, Vernon Wells, Adrienne Wilkinson, Mark Winkler, Richard Yniguez, Ed Asner, Margarita Zavala, Betty White, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, many more etc.

People are their truest selves when they are with their self-care. No matter how experienced or nervous someone is about being photographed, interviewed or even frequent, as soon as they are in their care, everything changes. The “In Good Company” the coffee table book of fine art representations, features notable people from a wide range of fields (arts, science, literature, performance, music, etc.), with their concerns. A portion of the proceeds go to the Apex Conservation Project, a Los Angeles-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to preserve the wolf species through education, rescue and advocacy. Unlike traditional portraits, these unique portraits depict the relationship between people and their loved ones. They describe everyday moments between them that are intimate and mundane, often humorous, playful or touching, and always genuine. Each one gives me the details of their relationship with their pet, so that I can see a concept that is special to them.

Photo Credit: Bill Dow, courtesy of the Hollywood Museum

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