Pedro Paschal speaks out on late game adventure, says he’s ‘cowardly’ at reactions to ‘The Last of Us’ finale – Yahoo Entertainment

Pedro Pascal attends Pedro Pascal, Ashley Benson and Jesse Williams Play Detective at the Merge Mansion Mobile Game Event on March 28, 2023 in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Metacore/Merge Mansion)

Note: The Last of Us the robbers go ahead.

Pedro insists that Paschal find time to relax.

“Nothing is as it seems,” he says before showing a small group of people around the room. His team is: a publicist or two, maybe a stylist, a groomer, maybe an assistant. “You can ask about the people here. Everyone’s tougher than me, I’ll tell you this. Everyone around me seems to be doing more and more than me. So what a wonderful illusion I created for everyone.

In a moment, the fiery 47-year-old actor ignited Chilean television The Last of Us, Mandalorian and Saturday night live For the last few weeks, he has been sitting in a decent-looking antique chair in an old mansion in the hills of the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Here’s the go-to space for an interactive escape experience, stop by for photos and a few interviews for his latest venture: the popular mobile mystery app Merge the mansion.

“I love the good sacrament, to be honest with you,” teaches Paschal. “And you feel immersed in the experience when you play the game.”

Pascal doesn’t appear inside the app, an animated puzzle game in which a woman named Maddie tries to uncover the secrets of her wealthy Ursula Ursula.

But Merge became so popular (and profitable, generating a reported $38 million-plus in 2021) that the live-action universe expanded.

pascal clear three such promotions in Lisbon, Portugal. He plays a detective named Tim Rockford, who has solved the mysteries (and maybe crimes?) of sleuth Ursula. “I’ve never done this before,” said the actor. “There are so many different things that come out. In my mind. I really wasn’t in the know… But I guess I’m just drawn to the things that I feel I like to enjoy.”

The actor’s passionate host and ever-growing fans flooded the comment sections for the YouTube spot, fueling many fantasies about Tim Rockford’s series. “It’s not up, but it’s possible,” Pascal says with a laugh.

Another thing Easter isn’t in the know about: moving into the final season of HBO’s hit-and-run dystopian hit. The Last of Usto these others adjacent to a recent gambling attempt.

Paschal’s co-star Bella Ramsey is predicted British Vogue Earlier this month, which ends Season 1, he wanted to “massively divide people” before highlighting “massively.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in 'The End of Us' (HBO)

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the Season 1 finale of The Last of Us. (Photo: HBO)

He was not mistaken. The climactic decision made by Pascal Joel to save Ramsey’s Ellie, the boy’s surrogate, whom he kept safe, above all others, drew praise as well. some of them started to burn.

“I feel about the conversation in a certain way,” says Pascal. “And I don’t think I’m really ready to be in charge, so I kind of kept it away from the last one. My experience has not interfered with what people’s opinions are for or against, it makes a determined character according to determination. I guess I actively ignore how everyone feels about it, but it’s not too hard to be if they feel anything. Nobody shouts at me in the street. or as it was, how could you do this?

Star Wars fans, of course, also have strong opinions, which I do not doubt Mandalorian they bring what was heard for three days. Here is also a man who will run a memorable event game of thronesso treating (or not knowing) the chatter is hardly new to him.

“I can’t help but be curious,” said the soon-to-be actor head to the caneswhere Pedro Almodóvar’s queer Western short films A wonderful way of life the marriage of Pascal and Ethan Hawke, will have its premiere.

“And I love it when a project that everyone has worked so hard on gets positive attention and it seems that people are enjoying it, and people are talking about it. I love everyone very, very much. But there are things that I guess you end up feeling protected with all the work you do and the experience you’ve had. Therefore, if there are mixed emotions in any matter, it is not difficult to find them.

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