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The Last Part Part 1 – There’s More Than One (pic: Reddit)

The reader is hampered by the continued poor quality of recent high-end PC games, including the port Part I Of The Last Of Us

PC gamers seem to have a bad reputation among console hunters because they have a certain distaste for their form. That and cheating so much online that people don’t want to play with them. I can understand that the format sometimes seems to attract the wrong person, but I’ve been a PC gamer all my life, and I’ve rarely had a console.

I do this for a few reasons, superior graphics being one, but I also appreciate the modding and indie scene, as well as the fact that I’ve been using the same game consoles for twenty years and more. The same games still work on it today.

After several rough years, a decade or so ago, PC gaming is enjoying a golden age at the moment, with more games than ever before and almost all console games making their way to PC sooner or later (Nintendo on board and it’s pretty much everyone). So why is it that recently, almost all PC games from a major publisher come so absolutely?

At first, I thought this way, the Japanese developers were working hard to adapt to the format, because they were not used to it and as I understood, they were not used much in their country. But not just him. I was going to review a list of recent big budget PC games that were introduced filled with bugs, terrible interfaces, and missing features, but it would be easier to review the ones that didn’t.

The Last of Us Part 1 is certainly not one of them, I can tell you. It’s basically a PlayStation 3 game and yet it’s so full of bugs I honestly think it’s worse than Cyberpunk 2077 at launch. The lack of reviews was a huge red flag and pretty sure Sony was hiding something, as the screenshots and memes showed a game that was clearly not finished and was clearly jumping to capitalize on the show’s popularity.

It’s such a shock now to find a big budget PC game that works at launch that I’ve taken to being broke until proven otherwise. From GTA remasters to Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty, Return, and Legacy of Hogwarts, if the game isn’t so broken it’s almost unplayable then it’s still full of distracting graphical issues.

And why does he always stammer? All of these games seem to have very similar problems, even though they are in completely different companies. I guess it has something to do with recent graphics cards or something, but if the issue is widespread, I mean who wants to have more work to fix the same problem? He felt like a forest.

The most frustrating thing is that there is a simple solution to all of this: just delay the game for a month or two, and add some polish. It shouldn’t even be a question. The PC versions often come to the console at different times, so no one will know.

We need to go back to the time when it meant that the game was perfect. You can add all the post-launch content, but when I pay for that download, I wait for it to work. You don’t need a few questions and you only have to do everything six months after the launch.

Developers are apologizing to fans on Twitter and Reddit as everyone flocks to tear up and cry to fans, as they sit in a $5 million mansion with an adorable dog. Don’t regret it, don’t do it. It is easy to run away as there is no excuse.

And of course I know publishers make these decisions (notice how indie games almost never suffer from the same problems) but I really don’t care. I paid my money and I expect my game to be something more than a work in progress.

I never knew the so called golden age of PC gaming was so different than this and I’m sick of it. I’m also not confident that anything will change, not while people continue to bring it up.

By the Diceman reader

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