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Tributes have been pouring in for Paul O’Grady this morning, following the news that the broadcaster and comedian has passed away at the age of 67.

O’Grady’s husband Andre Portasio said she died “unexpectedly but peacefully” on Tuesday (March 28), adding: “She will be greatly missed by her loves, friends, family, animals and all who enjoyed her humor, charm and compassion.”

Joining O’Grady in the tribute is Doctor Who Russell T Davies, who said in an instagram post *: “The saddest news. O star. How beautiful she is.

“He was fierce in the fight against SCANDA, he did all the love-making; he once asked me if he could be in Doctor Who, “I just want to wear a white coat and carry a clipboard and go down the hall saying, ‘I think. He’s alive, Doctor.’

When asked by 2021 if he despised anyone, he said: ‘Oinne ruled the stinking member of this lying servant.’ No one has ever been like that.

Log in to the tax royalThe Twitter page saw a picture of O’Grady next to Camilla, the Queen Consort, alongside the message: “Deeply saddened to hear of the death of Paul O’Grady, who worked so closely with Her Majesty in aid of Battersea, providing lots of laughter and many memories.”

Second Palatine fountainsCamilla said O’Grady’s “warm heart and infectious humor touched so many lives.”

Malcolm Prince, who worked with O’Grady on BBC Radio 2 and most recently produced his radio show Boom, said in post on Twitter: “Yesterday afternoon, I was surrounded by Pope Paulus in his good old age, surrounded by his beloved dogs, laughing, laughing, and full of days.

“So proud of ‘Annie’, so happy to be back on Radio Boom, and looking forward to so many new projects. Now she’s gone. I can’t believe it. We’ve lost a unique talent – and “I’ve lost a friend. We are all lucky to have Paul in our lives. My heart goes out to Andra, Paul’s family, and friends. Oh how I miss you.”

in the meantime Mark DownieThe commissioner who ran The Paul O’Grady Show on Channel 4, said: “When we worked together on Ch4, Paul O’Grady insisted that new episodes of his show were advertised in the local Job Centre. He wanted to go to anyone and everyone. So he took a break like that. he could. And he made the show better. A pious and generous man.”

Paul O’Grady at the National Television Awards in 2018. Getty/EGB

Others paying tribute up to here included Battersea, the dog and cat organization for which O’Grady was ambassador, more Ken Brucewho said: “Such disgusting, sad news about Paul O’Grady. A unique and brilliant man who lit up the nation.”

Michael Cashmanmember of the House of Lords and LGBTQ+ rights activists, pictured with his group including O’Grady, Sir Ian McKellen and Lady Barbara Windsor, said: “What a memory we have! How did you stand up for what you are? He believed, you told it like it was, and no one could do better to say!

“You’ve always been a disgrace. Now light up the sky Savage, light up that sky. You’ve made the world a better place.”

Vernon Kay He added: “Paul O’Grady was one of the nicest and kindest people I ever met. Always a joy to be around and just plain fun. He will be missed. Telly and friends have lost one of the best…. RIP.”

Lorna Clarke, director of music at the BBC, added: “We are all shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Paul O’Grady. He was a much-loved Radio 2 presenter and his unique sense of humour, charm and warmth touched the hearts of many: Paul will be greatly missed, and our thoughts are with the friends and family at this difficult time.

I like this better

Tributes were also shared by many others, too spoil Brydon, Les Dennis, Martin Lewis, Simon May, charlotte hawkins and Charles Vordermann.

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