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Did you know that only one in three young people can read a paper map? That is the second Unbelievable! What is the world to come? Can you read paper on a road map? Today, April 5, is Read Paper Road Map Day.

In fact, almost all of us now have GPS systems, smartphones or car AI that can provide us with directions to even the darkest places. But in case, it is nice to know how to read the paper. You know, the guy is actually printed on paper and is impossible to replicate and takes up valuable space in your notebook. The gas station kind of pulls a foot while you order.

Maps were the only way to navigate from one destination to another before the advent of global positioning devices and smartphones. These maps were, and generally still are, readily available to car insurance companies, gas stations, other state-sponsored areas, and station stops, sometimes even for free. Road maps, or atlases, come in many forms, from metropolitan maps that show only the city and its surrounding suburbs to atlases that show the major roads and interstates of the entire United States. The art of reading a road map is quite simple (much easier than parallel parking in my opinion), yet many, especially young drivers, cannot adequately navigate using a map. That is a shame, ladies and gentlemen.

Before you “foo foo” this as old and useless, consider the following: Your cell phone is dying; Someone steals the GPS system, or you store it correctly; Your navigation device has not been updated with new roads or construction belts; or you are traveling in a remote area that has no internet service. Many of these situations are very unlikely and would leave you scrambling for directions if you didn’t have a paper chart or know how to read.

I recommend adding a paper road map to your vehicle. Time to get toUe familiarity. The list of states will be in alphabetical order with the corresponding grid coordinates. There will also be a story that has an example of the roads on the map and a scale that roughly estimates the distance between place to place. And last, but not least, the major boundaries are marked on road maps. In your vehicle, always keep a general road map of the region you live in and a state road map. This way you will never lose.

You may be surprised at how well paper maps serve your lifestyle and meet your needs. I love navigating on a paper road map; it helps that the time flies, and it’s one less thing that I was looking for on my olfa electronic device if I need more information and indicating where I can find these accessories on the pages. Social media is necessary to get a life and stay out of mine.

This is Friday in Parasceve. Good Friday in Parasceve is the day on which we remember the crucified Jesus. On this day, according to the Bible, the religious leaders of the Jews, who had condemned Jesus the night before, for saying that he was the Son of God and the King of the Jews, led him to the Romans for condemnation, as they did not want. get your hands dirty He was sent by Pontius Pilate to Herod and then to Pilate, who finally condemned Jesus to crucifixion, the last time of punishment.

Jesus is then flogged, forced to carry a wooden cross through the mocking crowd, and finally fastened by the hands and feet to the cross, where he hangs until death. Despite its name, Friday in Parasceve is a day of sober thought. Every Friday before Easter, we solemnly honor the way Jesus suffered and died for our sins.

Which leads to this Sunday, Easter Sunday, when we usually celebrate Christ’s resurrection with services, regular church services, Easter traditions – a special dinner, egg hunts, baskets full of treats and gifts, and, hopefully, a sunny day. . From my family to yours: Happy Easter! May the blessings of this Easter surround your family with the love of Christ, who gave his life so that you may live yours. He laughed!

Flower of the day: Calla Lilies

Make the day: Egg Salad Sandwiches

He is glad to remember;

April 7 – Parasceves

April 9-Easter

April 18 – Taxes are due.

April 22-Earth

April 26 – Administrative professional day

Next week – Be strong, and be strong, and make a memory.

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